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Now Accepting Applications for $1500 IHS PhD Scholarship

Dear Department Coordinator,

With graduate school application deadlines coming up, students considering an advanced degree should also consider funding options available to them. I hope you will let them know about the new PhD Scholarship from the Institute For Humane Studies.

Here's a brief overview (feel free to cut and paste):

PhD Scholarship

This is a $1500 scholarship open to entering and currently enrolled PhD students intending a career in academia. Students' work must advance principles of individual liberty and economic freedom. For more information and to apply, please visit the PhD Scholarship webpage. Deadline: March 1st.

Thank you for passing this information to any interested students.

Happy Holidays,


Keri Anderson
Student Coordinator
Institute for Humane Studies

Go to:

At, we have created one the internet's best resources of job tips for students.

From interview tips to resume and cover letter advice, we have published an extensive library of content with the sole purpose of helping graduates find employment.

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Tutor needed to help Holy Cross Junior boy with homework after school. English, History, Algebra, Theology

• 3 Days A week, 2:45 pm, schedule is flexible

• $10/hour to start

• Meet at Marywood Library

• Call Sandy McCarthy W: 570-803-2652

• H: 570-563-1789

Communications Director

The Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Pennsylvania (AICUP) is the advocacy and collaborative organization for 88 private colleges and universities in Pennsylvania. AICUP is seeking someone to manage and centralize the Association’s communications activities. This person would primarily be expected to 1) manage the Association’s websites, social media sites, and digital communications strategies; 2) assist the VP for Government Relations in organizing campus constituencies, managing the annual Student Lobby Day, and tracking legislation; 3) produce newsletters, brochures and other publications; 4) write grant proposals; and 5) produce content for and provide outreach to media.

Required Skills: excellent writing, editing and oral presentation skills. Ability to manage websites, social media sites, and an aptitude for digital communications, as well as the ability and willingness to learn new software and hardware solutions to streamline outgoing and incoming communications. Self-starter who is flexible in day-to-day responsibilities. Bachelor’s degree required. Salary range between $35,000-$50,000 depending upon experience.

Applications shall be received starting November 25th until the position is filled. Resumés, letters of application, and a 2-3 page writing sample should be mailed to: Don L. Francis, AICUP, 101 N. Front Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101 or by email to:

The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce


Position: Communications Internship

Date: September 24

Location: Scranton, PA

The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce has an immediate opening for a

Communications Intern. This position supports the Communications Department in

implementing the communications plan for the Chamber and its affiliates.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

Responsibilities include developing content for organization website, social media sites,

newsletters and other materials, as well as drafting and distributing news releases.

Interns will receive professional development opportunities such as: skill-building in copywriting, social networking and project management. The position also offers networking opportunities with area businesses.

Candidates should be pursuing a degree in communications, journalism or other related field. This position requires a commitment of at least 10-15 hours per week and
excellent written and oral communication skills.

This is an unpaid internship position, but can be used for college credits. The internship includes a flexible daytime schedule, provides an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in marketing and communications, and offers opportunities to network with area business leaders.

Location: 222 Mulberry Street, Scranton, PA

Start Date: Immediately

Hours: 10-15 hours minimum

Contact: Please send resumes and writing samples to

Upon review of resumes, selected candidates will be contacted for interviews.

Kate McDermott at

The center of Healthcare Ethics at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh offers an innovative and comprehensive doctoral degree program that might interest you and/or your students and colleagues.

The Doctoral Curriculum is comprised of twelve courses (36 credits) leading to the dissertation or DHCE project. The methodology for the coursework is unusual since it does not emphasize the teaching of subjects in the field of bioethics, but focuses on the learning experiences of the students, making sure that they acquire the research competencies needed for writing their dissertation. This method allows students to start preparing for their proposal and dissertations at an early stage in their coursework. the coursework prepares the student for exciting careers; for example in clinical ethics (the 4 clinical rotations provide practical experience in a clinical setting), teaching, academic research, publishing, or advisory activities.

Several Scholarships are available for qualified students. for further inquiries and applications, please visit the website.

Go to:


Are you looking for a job? School districts with multiple vacancies will begin the hiring process in March for the 2010-11 school year. The purpose of this email is to share some very important information that could improve your chances of being contacted for a job interview. is a clearinghouse for teachers and other Pennsylvania professionally certified individuals who want to work in the Commonwealth. This program is FREE to you! For less than an hour of your time to complete the standard PA application online and the cost of mailing a set of documents to you can have a complete set of credentials online in early April 2010. You are probably wondering, “How can I have a complete set of credentials online in early April 2010, when I will not receive my Teaching Certificate and Final Transcript until after graduation?” Follow the directions in this message, and you will see.

The program was funded in 1999-2000 by Foundations in Pittsburgh to make it easier for educators to apply for jobs and for school districts to find prospective employees. It was developed in Western Pennsylvania, is owned by the Allegheny Intermediate Unit, and has worked so well that the funders provided money to expand the clearinghouse across the state. Today, there are 215+ school districts, intermediate units, private academic, and charter schools across Pennsylvania using Approximately 75% of these users no longer accept paper applications via US mail. They rely solely on

How much time would it take and what would it cost for you to copy, assemble, and mail 50 application packets of 25 to 30 pages to potential employers? At $5 a packet (30 pages @ $.10/page = $3.00, plus $2.00 for postage and a nice envelope), it would cost $250 and take 12 to 15 hours of your time. Since 75% of our participating members no longer accept paper, you could be wasting as much as $175 dollars as well as several hours of your precious time.


? LOG ON to the clearinghouse at When the homepage comes up scroll down until you see Quick Links on the left-hand side and click on “Member School Districts and IUs” to see a list of the participating members. You click on the name of the member school to go to that district’s homepage.

- 2 -

? Go back to the homepage and click the “Smart Applicants” button on the left side of the page.

? The “Welcome….Educators!” page comes up. In the 3rd paragraph, click the “Get Started Now!” button and follow the directions in Step One “To Complete Online Application”. It is very user friendly.

? Once you start the application, you will assign your own ID and password.

? The Geographic Section of the application requires you to select the county(ies) in which you are interested in working. DO NOT SELECT COUNTIES IN WHICH YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO WORK. Then complete the Standard Pennsylvania Application online.

? The following must be done as “Word Documents” and cut and pasted into the text fields in Section 6 of the online application.

1. Your ‘Letter of Interest’ which is your opportunity to market yourself. What sets you apart from all those other applicants in your area of certification.
2. Your ‘Resume’
3. The required Pennsylvania Essay

? After you have completed the online application, you are now ready for Step Two. Just click Smart Applicants on the left-hand side of the homepage and then click Document and Mailing Instructions. There you will find information on the documents we accept, the coversheet that must accompany your documents, and where to send them. Since most school districts search for applicants with complete records (all supporting documents have been attached), it is imperative that you read and follow the directions for sending your supplemental documents. School District Administrators use “Complete Record” as a search criteria to see if you follow directions. Failure to have a complete record, in most cases, will eliminate you from the process.

To fulfill the “Complete Record “criteria, you need:

1. A copy of your most recent transcript to serve as a placeholder until you receive your final transcript.
2. At least one(1) letter of recommendation to get started. Make sure it is signed by the author.
3. A copy of your up-to-date Pennsylvania clearances (child abuse and criminal record). You must type your Cogent FBI Registration Number in the Additional Questions Section of the application.
4. A copy of your teaching certificate or a placeholder. Since you will not be receiving your teaching certificate until sometime in June, there are directions for using a placeholder. Go back to the homepage, and click on Smart Applicants, then Document and Mailing Instructions, and scroll down to PA Professional Public School Certificate.
5. A copy of your praxis scores. If you have not received them, please send a copy to us as soon as they arrive.

You want to be sure there is a document or a placeholder (where applicable) in each required document field (which includes the text fields on the application).

Print and complete the cover sheet which must be mailed with your documents.

- 3 -

That’s all there is to it! A fast and easy way to reach over 215+ school districts, intermediate units, private academic, and charter schools. Best of all – except for postage, there is no cost to you.

There are two ways on that you get your credentials reviewed by administrators.

1. On the “Job Opportunities” page you express an “Interest” in posted jobs in your area of certification. The jobs are posted by “County.” You should only express an interest in jobs located in a county in which you are willing to work.

2. Your credentials come up in searches by school administrators if you meet the search criteria. The search criteria MAY include a minimum GPA, degree level, years of experience, county in which the opening is located, complete record, etc.

Based upon feedback from administrators, there are two application areas that applicants need to address:

1. Approximately 35% of the applicants DO NOT have a complete set of records online and will not come up in a job search if the school district uses a “COMPLETE RECORD” as one of the search criteria. Nearly all school districts use this feature to see if applicants “Follow Directions.”

2. The other problem area on the application occurs in the Geographic Section of the application (Section 1 – Required Information). Applicants should ONLY select those counties in which they are definitely willing to work. We have received calls from school district administrators who tell us that they have spent considerable time screening credentials and contacting applicants to schedule an interview, only to be told by the applicant that “I AM NOT INTERESTED “ in working in your area.

Go online today, complete the Standard Pennsylvania Application, and mail the required documents to

ESL 101 has resources on ESL jobs as well as ESL teaching resources:

Job Board: New ESL jobs posted every day:

Free teaching resources: Hundreds of free lesson plans and teaching resources:

Teacher Blogs: Read first-hand teacher experiences from around the world:

Want to learn a language while you surf the net? Download this free Chrome extension to help you learn Spanish, English, French, Arabic and more:

Go to:

Reminder for Grad School Applicants: IHS's PhD Application Fee Waiver awards up to $300 for Application Fees!

Dear Department Coordinator,

If you know students applying to graduate school, please take a moment to tell them about the PhD Application Fee Waiver grants offered by the Institute for Humane Studies.

With IHS’s new PhD Application Fee Waiver grant, students applying for fulltime PhD programs may receive up to $300 to offset application fees. Because students can apply to more schools, it also maximizes their chances of getting into the right program.

Students who’ve already applied to PhD programs can also be reimbursed up to $150 retroactively.

For eligibility details, please tell students to visit Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

If professors or grad students in your department are interested in academic grants, please refer them to IHS’s new Conference and Research Grant. It covers up to $750 in expenses related to presenting papers at academic conferences, research, and more. Details at:

Thank you for passing this information along to interested students and faculty!


Keri Anderson
Student Coordinator
Institute for Humane Studies

Go to:

John Cabot University and Il Sole 24 Ore Business School, a leader in Business education in Italy, are pleased to announce that they will offer two English-language graduate certificate courses in Summer 2014. The two curses, Art & Museum Management and Luxury Goods Management, are built around areas of Italian excellence.
These intensive courses will take place from June 30, 2014 to July 18, 2014 at John Cabot University, located in the heart of Rome, Trastevere. Both courses include site visits to leading companies and organizations in the chosen field of study, along with a variety of guest lecturers in addition to the full-time faculty.
Students attending the Art & Museum Management course will have access to a wide range of museums, and the chance to visit the Capitoline and Vatican Museums, in addition to a trip to Florence. The Luxury Goods Management course provides its students with the unique opportunity to tour the Gucci factory, as well as an insider's look at the Prada and Salvatore Ferragamo boutiques on Rome's famous Via del Corso.
Participants must have completed their bachelor's degree (or Equivelent) to be considered for admission.

Application Information:
Applications are available on the Center of the Professional and Continuing Education page of the John Cabot University website at All applications should be submitted to admissions

Go to:

The Master of Music Teaching degree at Oberlin focuses on the performer as teacher, immersing students in all that leads to powerful learning in schools and communities. This year-long program offers innovative, intensive studies that merge artistry with scholarship and musicality with pedagogy.

Oberlin's Master of Music Teaching degree is designed for Pre-K through 12 general music, choral, and instrumental licensure valid in all 50 states. The program boasts 100 percent placement and access to a thriving network of working graduates


Go to: http://www.GO.OBERLIN.EDU/MMT is a clearinghouse for teachers and other Pennsylvania certified individuals who want to work in the Commonwealth. It is free to applicants and takes an individual less than an hour to complete the standard PA application online and mail a set of documents to

If you follow the instructions, you can have your application online along with a complete set of credentials over the next three weeks and available to over 200 school districts, intermediate units, and private academic schools across Pennsylvania.

Please go to the following links for useful information:

~Participating Members:

~Handout for Colleges:

~College Tips:

The Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) is a professional association of more than 20,000 CPAs working together to improve the profession and better serve the public interest.
Any student enrolled full-time in an accredited college or university or in a graduate program is eligible to become a student affiliate of the PICPA for a membership fee of $10. There are many benefits to becoming a member and outlined in more detailed on the membership page.
Listed below are upcoming events and programs the PICPA would like to promote to the students and educators. Also included are scholarship, award and membership opportunities for students.
CPA Exam: Ask the Experts Networking Night Join fellow emerging CPAs for a free Q&A session with CPA Exam experts and a Becker technical expert. Stay afterwards for networking over wine and cheese.
*Philadelphia - April 21 | 5:00 - 7:30 p.m. | PICPA Education Center – Register online. *Northeastern- April 26 | 5:00 – 7:30 p.m. | Cavanaugh’s Grille – Register online. *Lehigh Valley/Reading - April 28 | 5:30 - 8:00 p.m. | Kutztown Tavern – Register online.
Becker will be raffling off a half scholarship to be put towards their review courses!
May 11th - Free Webinar: CPA Exam & Licensing Requirements:
Learn about the 150 credit-hour requirements going into effect January 1, 2012.
On May 11th at 12:00 PM, Michael Colgan, COO of PICPA, will cover the basics of the CPA Exam and the new requirements. After the session, there will be a segment of Q&A to address your additional questions and concerns.
Whether you are still in school, preparing to sit for the exam or already licensed, this webinar will be helpful in providing you with the most up-to-date information for the exam.
Registration is now open!
June 8th - CPA Exam Webinar Get tips and guidance on registering, studying, and passing the exam from Elizabeth Kolar of Delaware Valley College and Philadelphia CPA Exam Review with this FREE and convenient webinar. Liz will also cover format changes, licensing requirements, and more.
If you are a candidate to take the CPA Exam, a student considering a career as a CPA, or even an educator, this webinar is for you. It’s free for PICPA members and $25 for nonmembers. Register Now!
Passport Programs
The CPA Passport Program is a one day event that invites students to learn about the diverse career
paths in accounting first hand from local CPAs. We kick off the season on Sept. 21 at Penn State
Behrend and go all the way through to Nov. 16 at Delaware Valley College.
Sept. 21 at Penn State Behrend
Oct. 4 at Four Points by Sheraton
Oct. 12 at Grove City College
Oct. 20 at Messiah College
Oct 24 at Elizabethtown College
Oct. 26 at DeSale’s University
Nov. 2 at King’s College
Nov. 3 at Duquesne University
Nov. 4 at Penn College of Technology
Nov. 8 at St. Francis University
Nov. 9 at Kutztown University
Nov. 16 at Delaware Valley College
Casino Night – Oct 19th
The annual event will take place on October 19th at the Marriott in
Conshohocken. The program provides college students from all over
the eastern side of the state with the opportunity for networking with
PICPA members, local CPA firms, Exam review providers and fellow
Scholarships & Awards
The PICPA offers a variety of scholarships & awards to students.
The Multi-Year Scholarship & Local Chapter Scholarships award students from $500 - $15,000 and can
be renewed annually. The deadlines are in the spring of every year.
The CPA Exam Scholarship is offered twice a year to help cover some of the costs associated with taking
the CPA Exam. Twenty scholarships of $500 are awarded to PICPA members.
The PICPA Student Writing Competition allows students to address a current chosen topic and compete
for prizes up to $2,000.
The Outstanding Senior Award & Educator Awards recognize the best of the best at their college or
College Resources
The PICPA website offers free webinars, presentations and videos on a wide range of topics. From Suiting Up for Success to Dining Etiquette to CPA Exam Tips, the Resource page gives students and educators useful information. The page also includes CPA Profile Videos that illustrate the different career paths CPAs can take.
The PICPA also provides newsletters for students and educators keeping them up to date with information regarding the CPA exam, PICPA events and interesting articles.

Go to:

Suggestions to help Education Majors Use Our Website More Effectively

1. PROOFREAD the application. The majority of the errors are in the email address, name, etc.

2. COLLEGE EMAIL – It is recommended that you do not use your college email address. You should establish an email account (now) that will remain the same after you graduate. This will eliminate the need for you to remember to change your college email address immediately after you graduate. Otherwise, you may not receive email from districts or PA-Educator causing you to miss job opportunities. Do not set your spam filter too high – this could cause things to go to the ‘junk’ folder. Remember to check your email daily!

3. MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND THE QUESTION – The most common errors are:

a) Nationally Board Certified – To pursue National Board Certification you must have a baccalaureate degree, 3 years teaching experience, and had a valid teaching license for each of the three years ( (Section 5),
b) Certification you possess – Only list what is actually on your certificate. Do not list subjects you may be eligible to teach but are not on the certificate issued by the PA Department of Education (Section 3).
c) Excluding districts – You may EXCLUDE up to five districts from seeing your application. Make sure you do not exclude (PROHIBIT) districts in which you would work (Section 5).

4. MAKE SURE YOUR CLEARANCES ARE UP-TO-DATE –All clearances including FBI are only good for one year from date of issue except for student teaching. You are not using our website for student teaching. For our site and for any district looking to hire you, you must have up-to-date clearances. We do not accept outdated clearances.

5. DO NOT SEND COLOR COPIES OR USE A SCANNER/PRINTER TO PRINT COPIES – This includes scanning the documents into your computer and then printing them. The process we use to upload the documents may cause problems with the documents and they may not be attached.

6. CHECK THE QUALITY OF THE COPIES – Think about the documents you are sending and how they will look to a school district. They will be scanned by PA-Educator for uploading. This affects the quality. You should send clean, clear, sharp copies (Black ink on white paper). Most problems occur because of ‘too light’ copies.

7. READ AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS FOR USING A PLACEHOLDER for your Teaching Certificate. Click on Smart Applicants, then Document and Mailing Instructions, scroll down to PA Professional Certificate, and then ‘click here.’ Make sure you follow ALL directions - especially signing the placeholder letter.

8. REFERENCES – Do not send evaluations or observations. Remember that letters of recommendation must be typed and signed by the author.


Good Luck in your Job Search. Feel free to email us at with any questio

American Education and Culture Ambassador Program

-Teach English in China

All Majors Welcome

(803) 252-9086

Basic Requirements for Teaching Positions or Paid Summer Internship in China:

a) Standard English Speakers in any major;

b) Strong Leadership, Public Speaking, Social, and Interpersonal Skills.

Benefits for you:

1. Free Round-trip international airfare paid by your host school if you teach at the same school for two semesters.

2. Free furnished-apartment usually on school campus.

3. Well-paid positions with free Chinese lessons and paid holidays.

4. Place your friends and family together

5. Free TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) Training and TESL Certification either at USC or online

6. Deferment of Student's Loan

Required Application documents:

a) Online registration on our website:

b) One-page resume emphasizing your teaching related experiences if any.

Chinese Culture Center certified by the China State Administration of Foreign Experts Afairs (SAFEA) will take care of the tedious and complicated application procedures for you. Please find more program info online:

If you don't have a passport yet, please call your local main post office to apply for one ASAP.

If you'd like to opt out of this mailinglist, please click here to unsubscribe.

Lea Walker, President

(US) Chinese Culture Center
1708 Greene Street
Columbia, SC 29201, USA
(803) 252-9086

38th Annual University of Northern Iowa (UNI) Overseas Recruiting fair.

UNI has developed a superior reputation among educators and international recruiters. We have proudly served the international education community for 38 years. Our next UNI Overseas Recruiting Fair will be held:

Those who register with our service must be currently certified educators. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR 2014 SPRING/SUMMER EDUCATION GRADUATES MAY ALSO REGISTER FOR THE UNI FAIR, but they will be asked to provide verification of program completion from their University Registrar's Office. Interested educators should request registrations materials from the UNI office through our website.

No waiting list is maintained, so encourage students and alumni to register early.

Registrations deadline: JANUARY 10, 2014

Go to:

Refining your Written Image
Expert Proofreading Services
Corrections include: Spelling, Punctuation, Syntax, Grammar, Incorrect word usage, and Typos
Online proofreading and editing of academic papers
Reasonable per-page rate
Formatting to your specifications
References available upon request

Contact Me To Discuss Your Needs!
(O) 570-384-5729 or 888-823-2282/ (M) 610-247-9494

Go to:

This web site acts as a venue for Marywood University students and alumni to review potential employment opportunities and to post their resume for review by prospective employers. It is expected that all students and alumni using this site will:

* accurately present qualifications and experiences during the course of their job search
* conduct in-depth research on potential employers to determine their legitimacy and reputation
* honor any verbally accepted job offer as a contractual agreement
* report any unprofessional practices of potential employers to Career Services immediately

Marywood University Career Services disclaims any liability for the recruiting, hiring, or employment practices of employers using this system. Employer access to this site does not constitute an endorsement of that organization. Career Services is not involved in the actual transaction between employers and students/alumni.

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  • Receive emails about programs, services and job-related topics.
  • Gain access to announcements, upcoming events, career advice documents, career advice videos, podcasts, and career articles from over 125 authors.
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