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Suggestions to help EDUCATION MAJORS use

Suggestions to help Education Majors Use Our Website More Effectively

1. PROOFREAD the application. The majority of the errors are in the email address, name, etc.

2. COLLEGE EMAIL – It is recommended that you do not use your college email address. You should establish an email account (now) that will remain the same after you graduate. This will eliminate the need for you to remember to change your college email address immediately after you graduate. Otherwise, you may not receive email from districts or PA-Educator causing you to miss job opportunities. Do not set your spam filter too high – this could cause things to go to the ‘junk’ folder. Remember to check your email daily!

3. MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND THE QUESTION – The most common errors are:

a) Nationally Board Certified – To pursue National Board Certification you must have a baccalaureate degree, 3 years teaching experience, and had a valid teaching license for each of the three years ( (Section 5),
b) Certification you possess – Only list what is actually on your certificate. Do not list subjects you may be eligible to teach but are not on the certificate issued by the PA Department of Education (Section 3).
c) Excluding districts – You may EXCLUDE up to five districts from seeing your application. Make sure you do not exclude (PROHIBIT) districts in which you would work (Section 5).

4. MAKE SURE YOUR CLEARANCES ARE UP-TO-DATE –All clearances including FBI are only good for one year from date of issue except for student teaching. You are not using our website for student teaching. For our site and for any district looking to hire you, you must have up-to-date clearances. We do not accept outdated clearances.

5. DO NOT SEND COLOR COPIES OR USE A SCANNER/PRINTER TO PRINT COPIES – This includes scanning the documents into your computer and then printing them. The process we use to upload the documents may cause problems with the documents and they may not be attached.

6. CHECK THE QUALITY OF THE COPIES – Think about the documents you are sending and how they will look to a school district. They will be scanned by PA-Educator for uploading. This affects the quality. You should send clean, clear, sharp copies (Black ink on white paper). Most problems occur because of ‘too light’ copies.

7. READ AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS FOR USING A PLACEHOLDER for your Teaching Certificate. Click on Smart Applicants, then Document and Mailing Instructions, scroll down to PA Professional Certificate, and then ‘click here.’ Make sure you follow ALL directions - especially signing the placeholder letter.

8. REFERENCES – Do not send evaluations or observations. Remember that letters of recommendation must be typed and signed by the author.


Good Luck in your Job Search. Feel free to email us at with any questio

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