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General Announcements

2014 Fall Recruitment Events

Upcoming Events & Programs

Date Deadline Event Type Event/Program
10/20/2014 10/20/2014 Career Fair Virtual Career Fair Sign-up Required
10/21/2014 10/21/2014 Co-op Fair Fall Career Networking and Recruitment Fair
10/21/2014 10/21/2014 Information Session Information Session: U.S. Department of State Diplomat in Re
10/23/2014 10/23/2014 On-Campus Interviewing On-Campus Interviews: Brown & Brown
10/23/2014 10/23/2014 On-Campus Interviewing On-Campus Interviews: Waffle House
10/24/2014 10/24/2014 On-Campus Interviewing On-Campus Interviews: James Moore
10/28/2014 10/28/2014 On-Campus Interviewing On-Campus Interviews: Siemens Energy
10/29/2014 10/29/2014 Lecture/Presentation Curious About a Career in Student Affairs?
11/05/2014 11/05/2014 Advising Discovery: Spring Registration Schedule Check and Pizza
11/14/2014 11/14/2014 Special Event/Program Employer Site Visit: Clean the World
11/17/2014 11/17/2014 On-Campus Interviewing Telephone Interviews: Levin Financial Group MassMutual
01/26/2015 01/26/2015 Advising Discovery: Welcome Back and Next Steps Social
02/13/2015 02/13/2015 Advising Discovery: Connecting Passions to Majors with FOCUS2
02/13/2015 02/13/2015 Advising Discovery: Strong Inventory
02/16/2015 02/20/2015 Career Fair Virtual Career Fair Sign-up Required
02/19/2015 02/19/2015 Co-op Fair Annual Career Expo (ACE)
03/13/2015 03/13/2015 Advising Discovery: Declaration Day
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