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Health care explosion

( -- The health services job market is EXPLODING!

Employment in health care is projected to increase 26% through 2008. If you turn to the "Help Wanted" pages in most newspapers, the largest number of listings will be for medical-related positions.

* Twelve out of 30 occupations projected to grow fastest are concentrated in health services.

* The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that health services employment will increase to 13,600,000, that's 2,800,000 new jobs.

* Fourteen percent of all job growth from 1998-2008 will be in health care services.

Most don't realize that the majority of jobs in health services require less than 4 years of college education. "The range of options, necessary skills, and training opportunities is amazing," Dennis Damp, the author of Health Care Job Explosion, quickly points out. "This diversity creates opportunities for almost anyone. There are entry level positions requiring only a high school diploma up to physicians who must complete 4 years of medical school plus graduate medical education."

America's demographics are helping change medical care delivery. The average age of the American population will continue to increase through the year 2008 with the largest projected increases occurring in the 40-59 and 80 + age groups. Sources of new jobs will be in the rehabilitation field, health and fitness, wellness, imaging technology, home care, nutrition, new diagnostic services, and prevention. Home health care jobs are projected to grow 80% by 2008.

The opportunities appear endless when you consider there are 460,000 health care establishments nationwide, 2,800,000 projected new jobs, and occupational growth averaging 14%.

The all new third edition of Health Care Job Explosion covers all major occupational groups and includes a comprehensive chapter on home health care, updated resources, expanded sections, and interviews with health care workers. Related Internet web sites are listed including published exclusively for this new title.

The book is both a comprehensive career guide and a job locator. Readers can explore working conditions, educational requirements, qualifications, required certifications and licenses, employment opportunities, job outlook and salary surveys all in one resource. The hundreds of verified job resources steer people to where they can actually find job openings; periodicals with job ads, Internet web sites, placement services, directories, associations, job fairs, and job hotlines.

If you're looking for employment, explore the exploding health care job market that will account for 14 percent of all job growth, 2,800,000 new jobs, through the year 2008.

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