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Selling Styles -- Men vs. Women

Teri Samuels -- Benefits of integrating different styles include achieving balance and success in Sales and Communication.

In my years of recruiting, training, and managing sales teams I was fortunate to have worked in both Male and Female dominated Sales organizations.

This article was written to identify the best of both styles -- and more importantly -- the benefit of integrating them to achieve balance and success in Sales and Communication.

What I learned about sales from Men.

-- I learned "It was OK to have emotions but not to express them in business."
-- I learned "How to be strong in adversity."
-- I learned "Self control in business."
-- I learned "How to compete without crying" or "Getting Out Of The Game."
-- I learned "How to provide solutions not just conversation."
-- I learned "How to not take rejection personally."
-- I learned "How to negotiate my salary and bonus or take what I was given."
-- I learned "How to play to win."
-- Above all, I learned "Men don't hold Women back; Women hold Women back!"

Thank you, Men!

What I learned about sales from Women.

-- I learned "To be more open and compassionate."
-- I learned "It was OK to have and show emotions."
-- I learned "The softer approach could be the better approach."
-- I learned "How to receive as well as give support."
-- I learned "It was OK to let others help me."
-- I learned "That I didn't always have to be right."
-- I learned "That I didn't have to be the ultimate problem solver and that just listening was helping."
-- Most of all, I learned "Women don't give themselves enough credit when it comes to their abilities, skills, and talents in the business world."

Thank you, Women!

What does all this have to do with sales?


These opportunities personify the "heart and soul" of sales and communication -- "Human Emotions. They may be expressed differently but are equally important for sales and communication success.

We don't have to alter our personalities or styles -- just "enhance" them a bit.

Teri Samuels is the founder of and is dedicated to the "Keep It Simple Approach." He has 20 years of experience in professional sales and marketing troubleshooting, consulting, recruiting, upper level management, development, and implementation of sales tools. Learn more about sales training and development by visiting:

© 2005 Teri Samuels

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