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Victoria Henderson (The Sacramento Bee) -- Q: I recently was denied an interview for a job and when I asked why the woman told me I had several mistakes on my résumé. Should I be insulted and upset?

A: You should thank the person for giving you that feedback. Ask someone to proofread your résumé for clarity and spelling. Right or wrong, errors on a résumé suggest that this is an applicant who may not care about the quality of his or her work. I don't think that is the image that you want a potential employer to have of you. A well-typed résumé is critical to your getting through the door. Remember there is a lot of competition so you want to put your best foot forward.

Q: I would like to know how I should handle taking a pre-employment drug screen? I am a medical marijuana user -- legal in accordance with state law. Must I disclose this very personal information to obtain work?

A: My doctor friend tells me this is an area that is still in the gray zone. Employers cannot ask questions regarding your medical history or drug use. However, they can request fitness examinations, as well as drug tests, at which time you must disclose your medical history to the medical staff. You should provide signed documentation from you medical physician with specific reasons for taking the marijuana. If you test positive, then your case should be reviewed by a medical review officer (legal physician) and the treating physician to determine if you are in violation or how it will impact your ability to effectively perform assigned duties.

An important question, regardless of the prescribed drug or medication, is whether it will impair your ability to operate machinery or to drive commercial vehicles.

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