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Words to Avoid In Your Online Resume

David Green -- Knowing what NOT to include in your résumé can be just as critical as knowing what to include. Here are some tips when preparing for your job search. So above all else- keep it simple!

When writing an online résumé there are many words that you should try to include, and many that you should avoid. We will go over some of the worst possible words to use in your online résumé, so that you can avoid them at all costs.

Abbreviations and Acronyms

Many job seekers are quick to throw all kinds of abbreviations around thinking that it will make them sound more in tune with the industry.

But too many and your online résumé will start to look like secret code. Include only those that are widely known, and leave out the rest. If your industry is known for acronyms (like the computer industry), use them sparingly in your online résumé.

Personal Pronouns

Yes, we understand that your online résumé is actually about you, but you shouldn't use personal pronouns like I, me, or my in your writings. Using the word I can get redundant pretty quickly and can leave a recruiter uninterested. Instead, keep it concise and never refer to yourself with a personal pronoun.

Negative Words

Negativity is never a good thing when it comes to an online résumé. It doesn't matter why you left your last job; never bring up words like: arrested, bored, fired, hate, or sexist.

These words stick out to a recruiter, and your résumé will likely only make it to the trash bin. If you had issues that you would like to bring up to your potential employer -- save it for the actual interview.

Keep It Simple

While some words are unavoidable, it is important to scan your document to spot any overuse. Some of the most common offenders are: a, also, an, because, the, and very.

Try to come up with a different way to say things to keep your résumé interesting and well received. Remember recruiters often read hundreds of online résumés a day, so do your part to keep them awake.

Also, avoid using terms and phrases that you don't understand. Many job seekers will pick out big words to make themselves appear smarter, but it can end up backfiring in the interview. So above all else -- keep it simple!

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