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What They'll Say About You After You Leave the Meeting If You Have Low EQ

Susan Dunn -- What they'll say about you after you leave the meeting during which you exhibited low Emotional Intelligence and after which you will not get the contract, job, business, or promotion.

Let's say you're making a presentation with colleagues to another company or firm. Let's say you have low EQ. Here's what they'll say about you afterwards, after they decide not to do business with you. [Unfortunately,]you will have aroused them in a way you never intended to. Get conscious, get Intentional, get EQ.

1. She did it again. Shot herself in the foot.

2. Well, it's like I told you, gentlemen. He's a superb financial planner if you can stand his personality.

3. I don't know what got into him. Maybe he's on drugs.

4. I'll optimize your supervisational capabilities right out the state-of-the-art door, excuse me quote exit-entry structure unquote, in a multisensorial behavioral method using a *meme* you've never had operationalized in your non-linear systematized change-proficiency paradigm before.

5. When are they going to learn? In this country, we talk about family, colleagues, and important things before we get down to business.

-- Correlary: Don't they know giving a 4-pack of anything, including Chevas Regal, is bad luck? Get it out of here.

6. Why did he get so mad? Of course we want to change the contract. That's for it's there for.

7. That was cute the way he eyed the receptionist. Like we need another lawsuit around here.

8. Does she think we're idiots?

-- Correlary: Who does he think he is?

9. What does she mean I'll "feel good" using her widget? I don't want to marry the thing; I want to cut CDs with it and make some money.

10. What turned you off more, the arrogant attitude, the rigid thinking, or the complete lack of ability to communicate?

Susan Dunn, The EQ Coach, Global EQ. Emotional intelligence coaching to enhance all areas of your life -- career, relationships, midlife transition, resilience, self-esteem, parenting. EQ Alive! -- excellent, accelerated, affordable EQ coach certification. Susan is the author of numerous ebooks, is widely published on the Internet, and is a regular speaker for cruise lines. For more details, visit:

© 2007 Susan Dunn

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