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Four Tactics To Accelerate Your Career

Ramon Greenwood -- Putting these four basic tactics to work with sincerity and confidence can help you reap career success. Warning: Although relatively commonsensical, it involves putting a damper on your ego.

It's surprising how often ambitious men and women fail to employ four basic tactics in their pursuit of career success. They are easy to apply; they are common sense in action. There are just two requirements. One, you are sincere in your feelings. Two, you must dampen your ego.

Job Tips:

1. Admit Mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes. Those who step up to take responsibility for their mistakes and learn from them turn their errors into pluses on their career path. Those who deny their mistakes and let others take the blame lose.

The sooner mistakes are admitted the better chance there is to correct them.

Mistakes have a way of emerging and coming to rest at the feet of those who make them and then try to dodge the bullet.

(Hopefully, mistakes don't occur too often.)

2. Say "Thank You"

"Thank you" is a power-packed message. Everyone likes to help those who show their appreciation. But this simple act is too often overlooked in the rush of day-to-day activities.

A "thank you" doesn't have to be a big deal. Those two words spoken or conveyed with sincerity in a short note are enough.

Make a practice of expressing appreciation to at least one person each day. Thanks for sharing a bit of knowledge. Thanks for speaking up to support an idea. Thanks stopping a rumor before it gains traction. Thanks for being a good teammate. And, yes, thanks for holding the elevator or carrying a package.

3. Ask For Help

Contrary to popular belief, to ask for help is not a sign of weakness or lack of know-how. In fact, it is a show of strength and confidence. A request for help is a compliment to whom the request is made. It is the rare person who doesn't like to be asked for assistance. Obviously, getting help from others is a great way to improve one's base of knowledge and set of skills that lead to career success.

4. Share Credit For Success

Success with a single project or an entire career is seldom, if ever, a one-man show. Success is usually a team effort and there is always plenty of credit to be shared. No one likes or respects the "glory hot".

When you achieve success be sure to go public with credit to those who participated.

If you have any doubt about the power of these actions just think about your own experiences. How do you react when you are exposed to any one of these positive forces?

Career Tip: The fact that these tactics are often overlooked creates an opportunity for those who put them to good use. Go ahead. Put a damper on your ego. Put these the tactics to work with sincerity and confidence. You'll reap career rewards.

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© 2008 Ramon Greenwood

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