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10 Best Jobs for Introverts

Selena Dehne -- Do you cringe at the thought of networking with strangers and secretly pray to come down with the flu so you can avoid such situations? Ever feel like you're the only person who despises working in teams or breaks into a cold sweat when giving presentations? If so, you're in good company.

Consider the following icons: Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Katherine Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, and Albert Einstein. Each of them has been labeled an introvert and chances are -- if you've ever experienced the symptoms above -- you have too.

"Although introverts make up only 25 percent of the population, they make up a majority of the gifted population. Many highly successful people are thought to be introverts -- even some presidents of the United States," says Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D., co-author of 200 Best Jobs for Introverts (JIST ©2008).

But what about introverts who aren't vying for the presidency or hoping to direct an award-winning film? What do they do?

"Introverts sometimes get very frustrated working in today's service-based economy, with so many jobs that emphasize serving the public or working in teams. Fortunately, there are plenty of good jobs that let people work by themselves and without interruption," says Shatkin.

He identifies the following occupations as some of the best jobs for introverts who want a career that complements their personality.

Computer Software Engineers, Systems Software
Annual Earnings: $82,120
Percent Growth: 43.0 percent
Annual Openings: 37,000

Accountants and Auditors
Annual Earnings: $52,210
Percent Growth: 22.4 percent
Annual Openings: 157,000

Annual Earnings: $81,640
Percent Growth: 23.2 percent
Annual Openings: 3,000

Annual Earnings: $45,510
Percent Growth: 14.8 percent
Annual Openings: 16,000

Market Research Analysts
Annual Earnings: $57,300
Percent Growth: 19.6 percent
Annual Openings: 20,000

Graphic Designers
Annual Earnings: $38,390
Percent Growth: 15.2 percent
Annual Openings: 35,000

Technical Writers
Annual Earnings: $55,160
Percent Growth: 23.2 percent
Annual Openings: 5,000

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technicians
Annual Earnings: $48,040
Percent Growth: 9.8 percent
Annual Openings: 18,000

Automotive Body and Related Repairers
Annual Earnings: $34,810
Percent Growth: 10.3 percent
Annual Openings: 18,000

Postal Service Mail Carriers
Annual Earnings: $46,330
Percent Growth: 0.0 percent
Annual Openings: 19,000

Selena Dehne is a career writer for JIST Publishing who shares the latest occupational, career and job search information available with job seekers and career changers. Her articles help people find meaningful work, develop their career and life plans, and carry out effective job search campaigns.

© 2008 Selena Dehne

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