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Update Your Resume Just In Case...

Ramon Greenwood -- In a changing, challenging world of work where hazards and opportunities evolve day by day, career success means you should stay current with your resume just as you would your career skills.

Those who are committed to achieving career success know that it is a good idea to maintain an up to date resume.

There are at least four benefits to be gained by following this practice.

1. Maintaining your resume on a continuing basis means you can work free of undue pressure to produce the best possible, most persuasive documents that the facts justify and your ambitions require.

The same goes for a letter to present your resume to prospective employers.

Anticipating your need for a presentation package, you will have time to get someone you trust to review these documents for content and typos and errors.

2. Such documents provide an opportunity to revisit the career goals you have, so you can determine if the career path you are on will satisfy your ambitions.

You will be enabled to answer such questions as these: Are you in a job that allows you to maximize your skills and reach your career goals? Is the outlook healthy for your employer and the industry in which it is engaged?

3. You will have a clear picture of your accomplishments. This can be a source of satisfaction. At the same time, this document highlights the improvements you need to make to achieve your goals.

4. You will be able to spring into action if you are put out of a job, or if an opportunity comes your way.

While you are at it, study the fit between your qualifications and the requirements of the job market. Is there a demand for what you have to offer? If not, what market can you serve?

Take advantage of any and all opportunities to improve your skills and knowledge in a world that is experiencing unprecedented changes.

Review your list of contacts, where you work and in the outside world, who might be helpful it you are thrown back into the job market or want to pursue a new opportunity. Touch bases with them. Be visible.

Prepare a "gap plan." That is, set a goal of where you would like to be on your career path five years from now. Inventory your assets (position, performance record, skills, and contacts). If you are ambitious there will be a "gap" between where you are and where you want to be. This exercise will enable you to determine what assets you will need and what actions you must take to reach your career goals.

Review your finances. Establish a budget that you can sustain for at least six months of unemployment.

This is not negative thinking. Instead, it is preparing you to deal with reality in a changing, challenging world of work where hazards and opportunities evolve day by day.

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