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20 Ways to Advance Your Career

Cecile Peterkin -- To survive and thrive in today’s competitive environment, it is not just what you know. You also need to be competent. You must stand out from the crowd -- be memorable, impressive, credible, trusted, and liked.

"Success is never a destination -- it is a journey." -- Maya Sullivan

1. Exceed expectations; deliver results on or ahead of time.
2. Manage your time effectively.
3. Create a career plan with goals and training requirements.
4. Move away from day-to-day operations.
5. Develop strong rapport with colleagues, senior managers/executives.
6. Get a mentor, accept guidance in your career.
7. Know your organization's goals, vision, values, business strategies.
8. Create opportunities to further own/business goals.
9. Solicit feedback and assess the decision for purposes of continuous improvement.
10. Communicate effectively to people at all levels of your organization.
11. Build and maintain relationships with individuals who might impact your work.
12. Plan, prioritize and organize your work.
13. Manage own emotions and reactions.
14. Balance the demands of your personal and professional life.
15. Give yourself quarterly reviews, identify your accomplishments.
16. Become your own sales team, market your abilities.
17. Dedicate yourself to lifelong learning.
18. Be decisive and action oriented.
19. Commit to excellence and professionalism.
20. Be self-disciplined.

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