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10 Tips to Plan Your Road Map to Professional Success

Kate Hall -- A marketing analyst provides guidance to help you clearly identify and plan out your career path and milestones to a successful professional career.

1. Career planning needs to be an annual event for you

Just like you take out time from your busy schedule to pay an annual visit to the dentist and your eye doctor, so should you appoint a day or a weekend in the year, to sit down and give some serious thought to your professional career. Avoid all distractions and think about where you want to go in your career and how you imagine getting there.

2. Pick up the career trail from the last time

Review and reflect how far you have come and how successfully you have succeeded on your career path since the last time you planned it all out. Decide what you need to do different in the future to succeed.

3. Identify your needs from wants and pinpoint likes and dislikes

If your current job and career fall into the dislikes column of your list, then you need to plan out another career future for yourself. Plan out your wants and needs!

4. Think about your hobbies and pastimes

Can you make your favorite hobby your career? Test the waters and seriously consider if a pastime activity can actually be a successful career path for you.

5. List down past accomplishments

Keep a track of your accomplishments, so you can add them in to your job resume and also make right career decisions based on your strengths.

6. Aim to master the transferable skills

Try to master the skills in your job so that you can look across your career at different career opportunities.

7. Keep a track of job trends and careers

Find out the trends of a specific career in the industry. Will it shrink in the future or will you be able to ensure a long lasting successful career in the industry of your choice?

8. Set your goals

Set goals in line with your career aspirations and plan out a successful roadmap for your job success. Set short term as well as long term goals, and once you achieve one, plan out new goals for the future.

9. Opt for new training and further education opportunities

Grow as a worker and learn to hone your skills by training yourself. Opt for advanced education in your field of choice, and tap new opportunities by increasing your skill set.

10. Do research for more job and career opportunities

Where do you see yourself in five years? Where do you want to reach 10 years down your career path? Keep researching multiple career paths to make a wise and informed decision. Your roadmap to a successful career should be clear and easy to follow for success in all your career endeavors.

Kate Hall is a marketing analyst at Frugaa, an online coupon search engine that helps shoppers save money on their purchases. This article is based on an analysis carried out by team at Frugaa on student's planning & commitment for career development. For more, visit

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