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Networking Tips: Professional Protocol

Chi Chi Okezie -- Three simple pointers that will help you build a viable and rewarding network of business relationships.

In the game of networking, there will be times when you have to make cold calls, cold emails, etc. You will have to reach out to individuals whom you do not know, in order to make connections and do business. In the process of making these connections, make sure that you are being professional and creating a stellar impression. This can influence your personal brand, credibility, and the expectations of the relationship.

Listed below are simple tips for exhibiting etiquette and poise in your networking endeavors.

Haste Makes Waste

Although, it is important not to procrastinate, the same can be said for being too much in a hurry. Take time to set up quality meetings or appointments. Re-read, review and edit all correspondences and communications for errors. Make sure that your message is clear, concise and meaningful. These types of actions enable trust, understanding and respect for future business opportunities.

Good Intentions

In the process of reaching out, it is essential to be reasonable in your requests. Show patience and flexibility so that the other person feels comfortable and has options. Considering the fact that a relationship has not been adequately established, do not place hefty demands and unrealistic expectations. Also, use this chance to further link up with your counterpart.

Stay In Contact

The primary goal of networking is to build good relationships. Once the connection has been made, make it a point to stay in contact. Continue to foster the relationship and add value. This can mean offering access to your existing networks, following up for additional meetings or appointments. Show a genuine interest and put forth effort in your interactions

Use these practical and helpful tips to show good faith in your networking encounters. Be open, flexible and reasonable in your business dealings and make your counterpart comfortable in offering assistance. These are just a few ways of building a viable and profitable network.

Source: Ezinearticles

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