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5 Specialist Writing Jobs You Can Do From Home

Alex Belsey -- If you have specialized writing knowledge, or are exploring potential careers in the field, here are some write-from-home options to consider.

Recent times have seen a major shift towards remote and flexible working options. During national lockdowns and the global pandemic in particular, many companies asked their employees to work predominantly from home.

The advantages of working from home can include increased productivity, greater work-life balance, reducing congestion on the roads caused by the daily commute, and more. But while many employees would love to make the switch to working from home permanently, they are unsure of what their new role could be.

If you have specialized writing skills and are keen to work from home, then this is the article for you. Below are five in-demand remote writing jobs that you can do if your knowledge and experience fit the bill.

1. Copywriting

Copywriting involves writing text (or copy) for a variety of purposes, including education, and advertising. The role can be relatively general or highly specialized depending on your skills (and chosen employer) but is the perfect fit for remote working.

Some professional copywriters work in-house for a company, preparing all of the company's copy or advertisements, for example, while others are freelance or can be hired out to companies by an agency.

Copywriting can be flexible: either a demanding full-time occupation, or part-time depending on your availability.

It is a good idea to first have in mind your interests or areas of expertise that you feel confident to write about, and to then approach companies or opportunities with these in mind. Your own previous employment experience could provide a way into copywriting.

For example, if you were a teacher perhaps you could write educational material on your subject, or additional materials for other teachers and students. If you were in the legal or medical profession, you may choose to write copy for a specialized company in your industry.

Whatever your background, your experience and skills can be of great benefit in copywriting.

2. Translation Services

If you are fluent in another language, then translation services can be an excellent writing service to provide from home. You may be translating documents or correspondence, offering tuition to students, or providing personal assistant services in a second language.

Roles within translation can be very flexible if working from home, and adapted to suit your skills and experience. If you have specialized knowledge in a native language, for example, such as legal terminology, you could offer services that encompass this.

Translation services may not just enable you to work remotely from home, but also to work with clients from all around the world.

3. Bid Writing

Bid writing services are specialized writing services that help businesses to win more work through writing persuasive bids. Professional bid writers know how to plan and write a high scoring bid, and are prized by companies because they can win them hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional work and opportunities.

Although this role requires training and experience, there are a variety of professional courses and qualifications you can take to get up to speed. Many bid writers are then attached to a bid writing company or agency, and hired out individually to assist on specific projects.

You could also choose to work freelance and offer your services on a case by case basis in an industry that you know well and can provide value in.

4. Compliance Documentation Writer

Compliance processes help companies to ensure—and demonstrate—that they are complying with all the major protocols and practices in their specific industry. A compliance documentation writer prepares all the documentation and specialized applications required to achieve certification.

You can work remotely from home and travel as needed whether working freelance or as part of a compliance company or agency. You can also undertake compliance training and become more experienced and knowledgeable as you progress, able to handle increasingly specialized processes. Compliance experts help companies to prepare for their next accreditation application or renewal, and guide them smoothly through the process.

5. Legal Typist

Legal typists often have specialized legal knowledge as a former legal clerk or secretary, but a strong secretarial background may be enough to get started.

While legal typists are still used in courts and solicitors' offices, for example, more than ever before are now working entirely from home—especially transcribing recordings. This allows them to set their own hours and take on as many projects as they feel able.

So if you have specialized writing knowledge, why not consider exploring your write-from-home options today?

Source: Ezinearticles

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