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Ways to Be Happy During Your Financial Storm

Nicholl McGuire -- Financial storms can occur whether you're in school or out. Regardless of how long they last, what can you do to get past the sadness, frustration, anger, and confusion?

Back in the good ol' days, you had money to splurge, friends came around often, and everyone seemed to be happy for you. Yet, one day, something happened to turn your finances upside down and now all you can do is think of how to get yourself out of this mess.

It seems as if the financial storm is lasting longer than the financial sunshine, so what do you do? How do you get past the sadness, frustration, anger, and confusion?

The following suggestions may help you cope and if you choose to use them, your storm may not last for long. (As we all know, storms don't last for always.)

Twelve ways to be happy during your financial storm:

1. Put whatever change you have aside, keep from spending money, and begin to save. As crazy as it may seem, saving during a financial crisis will provide you with the hope that you need to get out of your situation.

2. Don't talk to everyone about your being "broke" or "poor." This doesn't help you with keeping a positive attitude.

3. Take the time to write down short-term and long-term financial goals. Read articles abut the things you hope to accomplish. This way when you do have the money you will be educated enough to make the right decisions.

4. Don't lend money when you know you can't afford to. As nice as it may seem, doing so probably aided with your financial storm. Always think of yourself first.

5. Find everything and anything on sale, use coupons when you can, and most of all avoid impulse buying.

6. Stay away from credit cards at this time. Why dig a deeper hole for yourself when you are trying to climb out of it?

7. Be sure to define what exactly is a financial emergency. If you have alternatives ways to get to work, why pay for high price gas? If you have leftovers in the refrigerator, then why pay for lunch?

8. Walk around your home looking for items you don't need. Whether you sell them or give them away, they will be a blessing to someone and, as you know, good things will come back to you when you believe.

9. Surround yourself with the things that made you successful in your past. Take out your prized moments and display them on the wall. This creates an atmosphere of positive thinking. Then add to your décor the things that you hope to achieve. For example, post a photo of the trip you always wanted to take, the clothes you enjoy buying, and maybe list a charity you would like to give to. Once the money comes in, make your dreams a reality.

10. Take a break from gift-giving. Instead make phone calls or email. You don't know whose heart you may touch with saying the right words, rather than buying the rights gifts.

11. In all the giving, expect to receive. No matter what you have done in the past, present, or future, someone will do something nice for you. It may not always be monetarily, but whatever it may be, it will be good for your heart.

12. Most of all, if you have a faith, pray that God will provide you with the wisdom to save, invest, and obtain money legally and joyfully. Too often people will look at their situation in a negative light and that only attracts more negativity.

Nicholl McGuire, Freelance Writer, enjoys surfing the Internet for ways to save people money and time with do-it-yourself services. If you have the patience to learn something new, then you'll want to stay tuned to future articles by this writer. Visit

© 2007 Nicholl McGuire

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