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5 Ways to Make Extra Money As A College Student

Tom Tessin -- We go to college so that we can have a good job that will pay us well one day. However, not all of us are trust fund babies, so consider some of these ideas and see yourself making more money while enrolled.

In college, students often have a tight budget. With the price of tuition, the cost of books and other expenses it is hard to save money as a student. Not only is it hard to save money as a college student but it is hard to make money as well. When in college classes take up the majority of a student's time especially if they are doing more than full time in college. With such a hard schedule to work with there are still ways college students can make some extra spending money. Need some ideas? Read below to find out how you can start making some more money as a college student.


Do you do well in school? If so let your brain make you money. A lot of parents don't have time to help their children with homework or don't know how to help them. There is a lot of work for tutors and if you look you can pick up that as a side job. Tutors make good money and are well appreciated. This would also look great if you are going into the teaching field. You could put tutoring on your resume and let them know you already have teaching experience.

Part-time job

You can also pick up just a few hours a week at a place near by. Whether it's 10 hours or 20 any money will be appreciated as a college student. Just try to pick a place that is close to home. You don't want to waste all the money you make on gas to get there. Gas prices seem to keep rising so make gas a factor on where you work.

Items you don't use

Do you have a lot of stuff lying around the house or your room that you don't use? If so, start getting rid of it! You'd be surprised how people are looking for the junk that you don't use. Want to get rid of it? Sell it on e-Bay or have a garage sale some time soon!

Yard work

Ask your parents if there is any extra yard work that can be done for a few extra bucks. This will not only help them out but give you a few extra dollars to spend. Do anything from cutting the grass, raking the leaves, or cleaning the house.


Are there younger kids in the neighborhood around you? If so spread the word that you are able to babysit. Babysitting is a great job for college students not only because you get paid but you can sometimes do your homework when you're babysitting.

As you can see there are many ideas for earning some extra cash. College can be very expensive and leave you with no money but you have to keep in mind that it will only better you. We go to college so that we can have a good job that will pay us well one day. Consider some of these ideas and see yourself making even more money.


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