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How Going Green Saves You the Green in Your Wallet

Rebecca Montana -- Now that going green has become all the buzz, it becomes easier and easier to find examples of how going green can save you a bundle of green.

Kermit the Frog was wrong -- it IS easy being green. It is not only smart but going green can save you the green in your wallet at the same time. It is a sad but true fact that our planet is facing a period of warming. It is our actions as humans that are believed to be the prime cause. It makes sense to seek out examples of how going green saves you money and act on them.

That cell phone charger that stays plugged in, the DVD player that waits for the occasional playing, and the TV that sits on standby all night, these are prime examples of how going green saves you money -- if you unplug them, that is. For even if the items are not working, they are consuming energy!

You can also easily go green just by switching from bottled water to filtered tap water. On average a typical family spends some $1,400 a year on bottled water. That is not even the worst part. By not recycling over 95% of the plastic bottles end up in the garbage and land fills world wide! It is worthwhile investing less than $100 and you could get a high quality staged water filter to make your tap water perfect. Then just go and purchase stainless steel water bottles, as they over come the need for plastic and last a long time.

Here is yet another example of how easy going green can save you money. They are simple every day things and are everywhere. If you have a lead gas foot and drive as fast as the law allows or faster, you should think more about how much it is costing you. Your cars engines performs most efficiently at around 55 miles an hour. Combine that with gentle driving on properly inflated tires, you will save money and help the planet too.

Have you considered using a bicycle to travel around town? To get some fresh air simply walk for those short trips. By reducing your carbon footprint you won't be pouring hydrocarbons into the atmosphere which is what is warming the planet. You will also be saving money. A side benefit is that you will get some good exercise at the same time. Walking and cycling when you can are excellent examples of how going green saves you money.

Out of the 65 million newspapers that are printed just in the U.S. alone, 70% of them will not be recycled. What a shame and a waste of trees! It is easy to do your bit to help. It will take some changing of habits but you can read whatever news you want to read at the same time simply by just going online. Very few newspapers don't have an online presence these days, so save some money and read from the Web pages.

Do you want more examples of how going green saves you money? They are all around you. Just look and you certainly will find them.

We want to assist anyone that is looking to Going Green at Home. If you are searching for ways to go green mosey by our site at Going Green and look around at our many information, videos and products.

© 2009 Rebecca Montana

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