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Things To Know About Car Insurance

Ted Kripps -- Responsible drivers don't leave home without auto insurance. Besides protecting your vehicle, it can protect you and your assets, especially since laws vary from state to state. Here's an overview of auto insurance to help you make a more informed choice when it comes to coverage.

If you are considering ways to lower your car insurance, the following information should be of help in deciding what coverage to carry and what choices you have in determining the outcome of your premium. NC car insurance could become more affordable than you think.

Liability insurance is a requirement by law in most of the locations of anyone who owns a car. There are different amounts of pay out terms and you can choose the minimum that is required or select a higher amount of protection. It will protect you for any accident you are found to be at fault of having caused, and repair the other persons vehicle.

Collision insurance only pays for damages that are done to your vehicle, and does not cover any other vehicles. You have choices as to the amount of out of pocket deductible you will pay before the policy pays the remainder, and you can also choose the maximum amount of pay out.

Comprehensive coverage covers such circumstances as running into a light pole, hitting some form a livestock, loss by fire, theft or vandalism, and destroying such things as other people's property like a fence or their house. It does not cover collision, and you are allowed to choose the amount of deductible, as well as what the maximum amount your insurance company is to pay.

When the limits of your liability policy are exhausted, Bodily Injury is coverage that pays for medical treatment of all other people who are injured in the wreck if you are found at fault. It also covers any legal expenses you may incur as a result of being the 'at fault' driver. Again, you can choose the deductible and maximums for selecting a more affordable premium.

Roadside Assistance is not really an insurance policy like the others are, but by paying for this feature you will not have to pay for towing if your car should become disabled. It also pays to send someone to your rescue if you run out of gas, loss your brake fluid, have a flat, or your engine overheats and needs water.

With the above information you should now be armed with enough knowledge to lower you monthly premiums and still obtain sufficient insurance coverage to protect yourself from loss in any accident you are involved in as the responsible party. NC car insurance can be more affordable if you take the time to review your current insurance requirements.


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