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Drink of desire?

( -- Who says you can't buy love? Women in Little Rock, Ark. are buying it by the case.

A fizzy blue Swedish dietary supplement for women, appropriately called Niagra, has the women of Arkansas under a love spell.

Southern ladies have been descending in droves on the one and only shop selling the tonic.

Lari Williams, owner of the Wycoff Coffee House in Little Rock, says women come into her shop, place an order for coffee and follow it with a wink -- a sly signal for an order of Niagra.

'Viagra For Women'

Williams hasn't been able to keep the drink -- often called "Viagra for women" -- on her shelves since word of the tonic began to spread beyond central Arkansas.

Last week, Williams received a shipment of 60,000 bottles. She sold out in one day.

"It makes that magical spark and it's wonderful," Williams told ABCNEWS' Good Morning America. "Out of everybody that has tried it there hasn't been anyone who has come back in and said, 'Oh, it didn't work for me.'"

Williams says she constantly fields calls from lovelorn folks around the country who want a shot of the blue potion. A Florida resident recently offered Williams $1,000 for a bottle after she told him they were temporarily out of stock and awaiting a shipment. (A bottle normally sells for $4.50.) Williams first discovered the drink at a Dallas coffee shop where it hadn't really taken off. After she tried it for the first time and felt it's tingly effects, she called the Swedish manufacturer, Nordic Drinks in Stockholm, and offered to distribute it out of her own Little Rock cafe. Since then Williams has become the sole U.S. distributor and will be importing millions of bottles this year.

Don't Drink It Alone

The drink, made with South American herbs, reportedly contains an erotic recipe that jump starts the female libido. "It met all the FDA requirements as a dietary supplement," says Williams. "It's got damiana, ginseng, schizandra and caffeine in it -- as much as an eight-ounce cup of coffee.

Williams tells her customers to drink the entire bottle chilled. She says the non-alcoholic drink has a clean, clear, berry taste to it.

Williams reports feeling the effects herself in about 20 minutes. It generates a sense of warmth and a sense of wanting to feel romantic that lasts about four hours.

Her customers say the drink makes their sexual feelings seem more intense and more sensitive.

"I definitely try not to drink it alone, you know," said Niagra fan Diane Shelton. "I'd have to go for a long jog and a cold shower! I mean, why waste it?"

Men and women can both drink Niagra, but Williams' customers tell her it seems to have more of an effect on them than on the men in their lives.

Williams has plans to spread the love: She just ordered 1.2 million bottles for distribution in other stores around the United States.

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