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(Modesto Bee) -- Which five vegetables pack the biggest nutritional punch?

Veggies that are deep green, red, orange, yellow or purple offer the most nutrients per calorie, and the greatest disease protection. Dozens of vegetables fit the bill. Our experts pick: spinach (known to fight cancer, it also is a decent source of folic acid, vitamin A and calcium), carrots (mega amounts of vitamin A), sweet potatoes (vitamins A and C), broccoli (vitamins A, C and folic acid) and garlic (an exception to the color code; it offers cancer-fighting phytochemicals).

SMART CARS: Outlawing cell-phone use by drivers may make the roads safer, but another answer may be found in advanced technology. It could be that instead of an outright ban on cell phones, smart cars of the future could sense when it's safe for a driver to take a call and when not. The concept would require having the car "know" when to calculate twists and turns in the route and how much traffic is nearby. Luxury cars now are being equipped with navigation systems and adaptive cruise control that already gathers this information. Another aspect of a workload manager might include information about the driver, so the system is informed about whether an experienced driver is at the wheel or a teen-age newcomer to traffic.

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