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Nature’s Stress-busters: Flowers

ARA -- Feeling a little stressed? Need an energy boost? Buy some flowers. Taking the time to stop and smell the roses could do more than you think.

According to a recent Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital study, people who made a point of looking at flowers first thing in the morning reported feeling cheerier and even more energetic throughout the day. Amy Brightfield, Health Director, Woman’s Day magazine says, “Combining the power of scent and colors that both relax and rejuvenate, flowers and plants are a fast and affordable pick-me-up.”

Beyond their physical beauty, flowers possess distinct sensory qualities that can boost energy, tame tension and brighten your mood. Essential oils derived from plants and flowers have been proven to increase oxygen flow to the brain, stimulating positive feelings that can balance energy levels or have a calming effect. These essential oils are often used in aromatherapy treatments to both soothe and stimulate the senses.

Here are some tips for choosing floral varieties and natural fragrances proven to help you de-stress and recharge.

Relaxation and tranquility

Which flowers can help you relax and stay calm? By pairing floral scents with their rich natural colors, a number of floral varieties like lavender and lilacs can act as a relaxant and alleviate stress. Considered a natural remedy for a range of ailments, lavender’s scent and lush color can prompt your body to produce a calming compound, improving sleep and promoting relaxation.

Lilac is another stress-relieving scent. This flower is found to have a calming effect, which can promote a feeling of well-being and also increase relaxation.

Bring color and tranquility to your life with these additional flowers:

-- Relax with Bells of Ireland: Green, a calming color, can help you relax and breathe slowly and more deeply, all of which can help slow the production of stress hormones according to the Society of American Florists.

-- Get a good night’s sleep with delphiniums: The blue hue of this flower relaxes and naturally creates a soothing atmosphere that can help your body to wind down after a long day.

Awaken and rejuvenate

For a floral pick-me-up, classic red roses, sunflowers and orange daisies awaken the senses and increase energy through their vibrant colors and potent aromas.

-- Increase energy with red roses: Because the color red is energizing and we often associate the bright bloom with feelings of love, roses can work to boost mood and enhance energy levels.

-- Enhance alertness with sunflowers: Bright and cheerful, the yellow hue of sunflowers enhances alertness by making those around them feel clear-headed and decisive. Since people generally associate yellow with the sun’s rays and daylight, it’s said to help people feel more optimistic.

-- Convey confidence with orange daisies: The vibrant color of orange can convey confidence, show satisfaction and a passion for life.

“For the ultimate sensory overload, indulge in a symphony of scents and colors,” says Julie Mulligan, expert floral designer for 1-800-FLOWERS.COM. “Combining the perfect amount of relaxation and rejuvenation will help exhilarate and soothe all at the same time.”

Red Door Spas, a leader in the day spa industry, incorporates aromatherapeutic techniques with their spa treatments to enhance their guests’ well-being. Essential oils are used through inhalation or application to the skin in massage and body services to create a mind-body connection.

Enhance your emotional well-being by taking a look at’s De-Stress and Recharge collection of aromatic arrangements. Also be sure to visit a Red Door Spas location to experience their Aroma Balancing Massage, which combines customized blends of essential oils, derived from plants and flowers, with Swedish massage techniques, to de-stress, revitalize, balance or de-toxify.

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