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5 Tips For Healthy Eating When Traveling

Michael Roussell -- For many, eating while traveling is just another form of eating on the run: too much sugar; too many carbs; poor choices. Use these tips so travel does not become an excuse for not eating and staying well.

Healthy eating while traveling is an ever growing issue for many people as more and more meals are eaten away from home. Unfortunately eating out and on the road can be very challenging if you are not prepared. Here are 5 tips to help you stay lean and healthy while traveling.

1. Always go low carb

Restaurant and packaged foods are always loaded with extra hidden carbs. Always choose the lower carb options when eating out avoid traditional snack foods, breads, pasta dishes, etc. Stick to lean meats and vegetables when eating out.

2. Tell them not to bring it

A bread basket, French fries, or a side of potato chips are standard for many restaurant meals. Do not tempt yourself; just ask your server not to bring it to the table or with your meal.

3. Know what you are going to eat

When traveling it is best to have some snacks with you, and when you go out to eat have a general idea of what you are going to order. You will be less likely to be swayed by tempting calorie-filled menu options.

4. Have a back up

Nothing is worse than being stuck in the car or in an airport with nothing to eat. You will get hungry and end up making bad choices. There is nothing else around. I guess I will have to eat the steak and cheese. Keep a couple protein bars with you for back up. They travel well and do not spoil. You just need to beware that the protein bars you are eating aren't loaded with sugar. Check the label for sugar content. Make sure it has less than 30gram of total carbohydrates. Your protein bar should also have at least 20 gram of protein; otherwise it is not a protein bar -- it is most likely a sugar laden bar!

5. Don't eat!

Seriously. This one is not for everyone. If you are someone that uses fasting for weight loss, then you can follow fasting expert Brad Pilon's lead and plan your fasts while you are traveling. Brad once told me that whenever he has to fly, he always arranges it to be during a fast so he is not tempted by awful travel food.

You can use some of these tips or use them all! Whatever you do, do not let traveling be your excuse for not staying lean and healthy.


Mike Roussell is a nationally renown sports nutritionist studying to receive his doctoral in nutrition at Penn State University. Mike coaches people from a variety of background (athletes, business professionals, house wive, etc) in achieving the body of their dreams. Mike has distilled down his extremely effective approach to nutrition in the manual Your Naked Nutrition Guide. Go to to find out more.

© 2009 Michael Roussell

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