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Sitting Properly: Four Easy Tips

Jay A. Jenkin -- Use these four tips to make your workday less strenuous on your neck and back. This may even help improve your productivity at work!

More and more of us now have desk jobs. Spending eight hours a day, sitting at a desk, working on a computer can provoke back and neck pain and stiffness if you are not sitting correctly. If your sitting posture is poor, you will feel it toward the end of the day. Here are four easy tips to get you sitting properly while you work.

1. Raise your monitor

Your monitor should be positioned at a height at which you can look directly ahead and see the screen. You should not have to look down. This will keep your body upright and help to prevent slouching. Go ahead and use reams of copy paper, telephone books or whatever you can to get that monitor raised. If you work on a laptop, you may need to invest in an external keyboard and mouse so that your hands stay level in front of you and not raised up to where your computer is now located. Alternatively, you might want to get an external monitor instead. Either will work.

2. Keep your feet flat on the floor

Make sure your feet are planted firmly and squarely on the floor. Although it does feel good to shift them at times, placing them flat on the floor helps with structural stability. The nerves in the feet help with this and keeping them grounded will reduce fatigue.

Kneeling stools, although popular, are not the best thing to use. They increase stress to the knees and you can't keep your feet flat on the floor when using one. You would be better using a stable chair with a firm seat.

3. Sit on a flat seat

An important part of choosing a chair is the characteristics of the seat. Choose one that is firm and flat, not hollow or bucket shaped. This is the best type to give you solid support for your pelvis and the rest of your body. If you do not have a choice in what chair you use, go ahead and place a pillow on the seat to help square it up if necessary. You can purchase wedges at most department stores that can help as well. Anything to get that seat flat and firm will work.

4. Keep your knees lower than your hips

When you are picking out a chair to use, be sure that it is high enough so that your knees are slightly lower than your hips when sitting. This will keep your hip sockets open, keeping the circulation flowing to your feet and legs. It will also help prevent the cramping of your leg muscles.

Using these four tips will make your workday less strenuous on your neck and back. This may even help improve your productivity at work!


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