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This Yoga Routine Is One Of the Best Stress Reducers

Richard Thomas -- Practice this simple breathing exercise to help relieve anxiety, reduce emotional stress and tension, and promote healthy, natural, and energizing sleep.

In this report, I will be revealing an uncomplicated yoga system that you could utilise to relieve anxiety and reduce emotional stress and tension.

One of these stress busters or stress relievers is identified as the Yoga Complete Breath. And if you are a jittery person, you should engage in this routine just prior to bedtime to promote healthy, natural and energizing sleep. You can also do it during the day when you feel worn-out, in low spirits, or stressed.

Before you perform the exercise, you should keep the following caveat in mind if it applies to your personal situation: In order to help avoid serious illness or injury if you have certain medical conditions, it is recommended that you consult a physician before beginning an exercise program.

Okay then, here are the steps.

Step one: just lie flat on the floor, with no pillows and place your hands lightly over your diaphragm. Remember to wear nothing tight around your waist or chest. For all the ladies reading this article, it might help matters to use any reasonable means at your disposal to reduce any discomfort you might feel from wearing a bra.

Step two: slowly exhale as completely as you can.

Step three: very slowly inhale through the mouth drawing in air evenly and without certain jerks. With your hands placed lightly over your diaphragm, you will find that this is the first area to expand.

Step four: as your inhalation progresses, you will feel a very slight retraction of your lower abdomen.

Step five: as you complete your inhalation, you will feel your shoulders rise slightly as your upper lung becomes fully expanded.

Step six: slowly exhale through the mouth using slight force. Contract the abdomen as you complete your exhalation to expel as much air as possible.

Okay, those were the steps. Now, just some additional things to take note of.

You should lie quietly for a few minutes after you've taken your first complete breath to avoid dizziness. The dizziness may come about due to a sudden unaccustomed intake of oxygen. If you do have such a reaction, do not worry. This feeling will soon pass. With careful practice, soon you will be able to perform it with no unpleasant side effects even while sitting or standing.

Always, of course, perform yoga breathing routines before an open window, and, if at all possible, in the open air. For the first few days, do not take more than two yoga complete breaths a day but very progressively build up the amount to up to 60 full breaths a day. While practicing the complete breath, be mindful of the slow filling up of your lungs from abdomen to shoulders. Exhalation shall produce a sensation of calmness and relaxation in your body and mind.

Thanks so much for your time. I hope you found this short article informative. If you'd like to know more, just proceed to my Web page listed below and I'll reveal to you how you could get an entire series of videos based on related topics. I'll see you there.

Richard Thomas is the creator of the Beginner's Guide to Easy Health Through Yoga videos which you can get gratis by clicking on Signs Of Emotional Stress or by going to

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