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Do You Make These Mistakes While Visiting Sick People?

David W. Richards -- You meant well. You come to see this friend of yours at the hospital. But, he seemed not to enjoy your visit.


What did you do (or didn’t do) that made him feel uncomfortable with your presence?

Here are some things you might have done:

You picked the wrong time.

Before you came, he planned to have a sleep. But with your coming, he couldn’t rest.

That is why it is better to make a phone call before showing up. Or, check out with the hospital what time it would be best for you to visit him.

You stayed too long.

You kept talking and asking. He might be counting the time. 10 minutes, 15, 30, 60 minutes, and you were still there!

Never ever visit too long. You’re not making him feel better. You might even annoy him with it. Even if he welcomes you with a smile or you come at the right time, but staying too long doesn’t help at all.

You asked too much.

How did it happen? How could you get it? How is the treatment? Are you feeling better already? When do they let you leave?

No need to ask too much. Sure, you can ask. But limit the questions. One or two would be enough. If he wants to tell you about it, he will do it eventually. Don’t push him to tell everything about it.

You talk too much.

Half an hour already, and you didn’t stop talking.

Sometimes, sitting in silence, with your hand grabbing his, would be more than enough to make him feel better.

You said the wrong words.

You compared his illness with a friend of yours with the same case yet that person got well sooner than he did, or worse, that person had passed away out of it. Or, you told him that the hospital he is staying has a bad reputation in handling his type of ailment.

Above all, this is the biggest mistake. Instead of making him feel better, you make him feel sad about the sickness. And, never ever talk about somebody passing away out of the same illness.

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