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Push Pause, and Receive

Chris Makell -- Whether in our professional or personal lives, we've been taught to ask, influence, motivate, and sometimes demand the things we need to, in order to get or do what we want. However, a large part of being ready to "receive" the generosity of others is in the willingness to give of yourself.

As we experience the many shifts and changes that surround us today, we begin to narrowly focus on "what do I do next"; "who do I talk to"; "what do I read that will give me that edge", " the next step", "that quantum leap"; on and on.

It's something that we're taught to do...take action. And if you're in the work world, you know that bosses and the marketplace reward action. Sometimes they do so at the cost of results -- see this recent recession! So we know how to do that, well.

We are all astute at finding people, places, and things that help us to move forward. We've been taught to ask, influence, motivate, and sometimes demand the things we need to, in order to get or do what we want.

Very few, however, are taught to "push pause" on the action and "receive." Just to receive the generosity of others. People, who just want to help. People, who want to see you succeed. People, whose only intent is to create a better world or environment for us all to live in and grow. And even when we come upon those people we think, what's in it for them. There must be a hidden agenda, somewhere.

In the business world, as in life, you will find that very little gets done without the help or support of someone else. It could be a spouse, partner, friend, coworker, colleague, mentor, or sponsor. We all benefit from the knowledge and network of others.

If we do not learn to "push pause" on the action and cultivate the generosity of others, the road will be bumpy, with lots of hidden driveways to slow us down. You are ready to do more and be more in this environment, so why not have more, too?

Now I'm not saying go out and just take from everyone who is happy to give to you, and then send a hearty thanks over your shoulder as you gleefully skip off. I can tell you (and you know this) there is such a thing as "karma"; what you give out comes back. People will recognize a "taker" when they see one. So, begin here. A large part of being ready to "receive" the generosity of others is in the willingness to give of yourself.

So here is your three-step path, down the straight, tree-lined road, to receiving the generosity that adds gusto to your career and life.

Step #1 -- Recognize that you're not in this "game" alone. There are people who can and will help you because they have been there; they just want the world to work smoother for us all, and they know the secret of step 2 and practice it in their lives, everyday.

Step #2 -- Develop the givers mind! One of the best pieces of advice anyone can take when networking is to ask another what can you do for them. It removes the stress and fear of meeting new people and opens you up to listen and learn. This "givers mind" is what people will remember about you, and will share with those who can help you. It's a powerful way of creating deep and lasting connections for your future success.

Step #3 -- Be willing, be open, and be grateful. When you're willing to listen to others and hear what they struggle with or succeed at, you learn key lessons for yourself. You get a short lesson in what to avoid or model. When you open up to the possibilities and opportunities these connections can create for you, you see a way to help each other. And gratitude absolutely brings more to be grateful for.

There you have it, three easy steps to help you receive more generosity that's meant for you in your life and career. Don't miss out on the value that generosity can bring to achieving the career you want, the lifestyle you desire and the connections that bring you more joy, fulfillment, and financial success.

"To receive everything, one must open one's hands and give." -- Taisen Deshimaru


Chris Makell helps coaches, consultants, and other solopreneurs who want to live their life's purpose transition smoothly from unfulfilled full-time employees to successful full-time entrepreneurs. To learn how to make more money doing what you love, visit to claim your free special report, "7 Surefire Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Time and Marketing Dollar."

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