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Predictions for 2012: What is Hot and What is Not

Sharon Housley -- Here are the top technology winners predicted for 2012, and the top losers of 2011.

What is Hot: 2012 Winners

1. Mushroom Cloud

The virtual cloud is now a mushroom cloud. More and more applications and data is available virtually. Customers are no longer tied to their desktops, data is accessible in the cloud. As long as you have an Internet connection, you have access, regardless of your hardware.

2. Smart Mobility

Mobile phones have become smart devices, they are more than just phones and alarm clocks. By the end of 2012, it will be hard to find a phone that does not run games, support Internet connections and have built in web browser.

3. Multi-Function devices

I suspect that devices will begin merging, there is no longer a need for so many gadgets. The functionality of the devices from smart phones, kindles, ipads and computers are redundant and there is likely to be device consolidation as the overlap in functionality increases.

4. Democracy on the Web

The social collective voice will gain power and be much more difficult to manipulate. Reviews and ratings will thrive, and be common place.

5. UGC: User Generated Content

The need and desire of Webmasters to create and maintain a steady stream of unique content will be satisfied by user generated content. The Web is no longer a flat medium. Interactive user generated content will rule the Web in 2012.

6. Browser-based apps and Web apps

Subscription and Web-based applications are the order of the day. Platform independent and device independent applications that can be accessed remotely are going to continue to thrive as the virtual world grows.

7. Cyber Espionage

The battlefield will shift to the cyber world, with governments taking a more active role in hacking and spying on perceived threats. Computer security will be paramount, and we will see more reports of government supported hacking and espionage in 2012.

8. Over Sharing

With all the channels for individuals to communicate, you may find that in 2012 you learn much more than you ever wanted to know about colleagues and acquaintances.

9. Collaboration

Technology has finally caught up with the will of the people, while academia has always been a fertile ground for sharing ideas and research, very few tools existed to make sharing a reality. The emergence of Web-based applications and cloud data storage will cause collaboration to thrive in 2012.

What is Not Hot: Top Losers for 2011

1. Physical Media

Books, DVDs, and CDs are going to become obsolete. With streaming videos, e-books and digital downloads replacing physical media.

2. Health Care

Like it or not, health care as we know it is going to change. The changes are unlikely to improve the quality of care that is received.

3. Social Noise

Just as email spam filters emerged, I suspect social channels will find creative ways to reduce the signal to noise ratio, so that quality material will be easier to find.

4. Land Lines

The day will come when children will not know what a land line or house phone is. As individuals look to cut household budgets, land lines will get the axe.

Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds, and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for RecordForAll audio recording and editing software.

© 2012 Sharon Housley

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