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Alternative Spring Break and Your Volunteer Opportunities

Ace Abbey -- It's Spring Break, that time of year when hardworking college students can travel, spend time with others, and enjoy themselves -- plus, use that experience to enhance their résumés and job candidacy.

When most people think of spring break, they think of relaxing on a beach, partying with friends, or just enjoying a few days off school. However, there is another option, often referred to as alternative spring break. This is when some college students choose to do volunteer work for various non-profit organizations instead.

College students wanting to make a difference in their own communities or locations around the world often do this. These can last either a couple of hours a day to the entire week. Opportunities could include helping Gulf Shore communities recover from hurricanes, helping build homes for the homeless, or rebuilding trails in America's national parks so that their beauty can be enjoyed for years to come.

One of the ways you can volunteer for your alternative spring break is the United Way. Opportunities to volunteer can be found in any part of the United States and most United Way projects include helping build homes that are affordable to the underprivileged and helping childcare centers give better quality care to children. Check their website to find out how opportunities can match your specific skills.

Another alternative spring break volunteer opportunity is through the Habitat for Humanity, which hosts hundreds of thousands of college students each year. This non-profit organization builds homes for the homeless in communities around the United States. Whether it is wielding a hammer or doing a landscaping project, there are opportunities for everyone, depending on your skill set. Who doesn't want to spend time outside improving the community?

Your alternative spring break could also include time spend in America's national parks with the National Park Service. Opportunities include rebuilding hiking paths and camping areas so that visitors can enjoy them for years to come. This involves staying in the area where you are working and you can choose the projects that are tailored to your fitness level. You will be working with people of all ages while having the knowledge and satisfaction of a job well done.

If you are having trouble finding the right volunteer match for you, you can check the availability by zip code to see all the matches in your area. Recent years have seen a rise in volunteers as alternative spring break has become very popular with college students from all backgrounds. Your volunteer experience will create memories that last a lifetime and you will not regret taking advantage of the opportunities available.

Volunteer to give back. Learn more about New Orleans alternative spring break at: Ace is always doing something new. Whether it's backpacking in Eastern Europe or kayaking in Colorado, he has seen a lot in his life. This gives him the perspective to be great at his passion: writing.

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