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Ways That Wasting Time Can Boost Your Job Performance and Career Planning

Cecile Peterkin -- Under a deadline and feeling pressured for ideas? Perhaps you've been working on that project for hours but can't seem to get anywhere. While it may seem counter-intuitive, taking some time off might be just what you need. Here's why.

In a survey conducted by in 2014, it was found that 89% of workers have a tendency to waste a lot of their time at work every single day. Interestingly, half of the respondents admit that they waste time because they think that short breaks make them more efficient and productive at work. It is even more surprising to know what these employees choose to do during their breaks -– they take a walk, chat with an officemate, or even read a book.

Many employers are not really happy to know that their workers do things not related to their work, such as reading a book or watching YouTube videos. They see these activities as a distraction to their workers, and a reason to be unproductive. But looking deeper at the workers’ reasons for doing this, we’ll realize that perhaps they are doing these so they could be more productive.

Wasting time with a purpose

By spending time on activities that are not connected to your work can actually do you good. First of all, they help you come up with new perspectives and ideas. They allow you to discover a lot of new things, meet a lot of people and realize things that challenge your own beliefs. As a result, you become a more open-minded and well-rounded individual. So the next time you get tired and bored at work, these are the things you should try doing:

1. Go for a short walk.

The sunshine, fresh air, and the brief exercise you will get by taking a walk will certainly make you feel more energetic and refreshed. This will also help improve your memory, concentration and your performance as a whole.

2. Chat with your colleagues.

Having quick chats with your colleagues and friends at work will result in you feeling less pressured at work and it will make you enjoy your job more.

3. Take a power nap.

If you feel tired, especially in the middle of the day, it is a good idea to take a short nap. A 20-minute nap will significantly boost your energy and ability to concentrate.

4. Read a book.

Reading books is an excellent way to relax. And as it turns out, those who love reading books, especially fiction, are those who interact well with their coworkers.

5. Close your eyes and daydream.

Did you know that according to science, various parts of our brain light up every time we daydream? This explains why we feel lighter and better when we do so!

6. Meditate.

Meditation is a proven effective way of eliminating stress and tension. Meditating for a few minutes helps you feel relaxed and more energetic.

7. Plan your vacation.

It is good to do some career planning, but it is also important that you make plans for a break or a vacation. The thought of going somewhere with friends and loved ones will give you motivation as it is something that you will look forward to.

Cecile Peterkin is a certified career and retirement coach, and a registered member of the Career Professionals of Canada and the International Coach Federation. She is also the Founder and Senior Career Strategist at Cosmic Coaching Center, provider of career and life management services for middle managers and mid-career professionals across Canada, United States and Europe.

© 2015 Cecile Peterkin

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