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5 Reasons Why Restaurants Offer A Perfect First Job

Alfred Ardis -- Here's a tip: some of the most common entry-level jobs are found in restaurants, and they have much to offer.

Almost everyone can remember their first job. For previous generations, memories of first jobs included paper routes, raking lawns, and shoveling driveways, as they were some of the most common ways to begin making money. Today, some of the most common entry-level jobs are found in restaurants. These positions are popular as employees can be easily trained. Here are five reasons why working in the service industry makes a great first job.


Unlike many traditional professions, service industry workers often have a wide range of flexibility in their schedules. If an establishment serves all three meals, there will sometimes be three separate shifts throughout the day. This means that you can choose a work schedule that still allows you to fulfill other commitments, such as school, chores, and athletics. Furthermore, most restaurants will allow employees to work as much or as little as they like. That means you can work full-time during the summer, and then transition to working weekends once school starts again.

Better pay

For people who did not work in the service industry, their first job was almost assuredly a minimum wage position. If you work as a busser or waiter, you can easily earn more than the minimum wage through tips. In some states, servers make minimum wage, plus their tips. On a busy day, it is not at all unusual for a waiter to make over $100 in tips, plus their base pay. A bonus of receiving tips is that most businesses give them to their employees in cash at the end of every shift, meaning you will have money to spend every day you work.

You can work anywhere

Having the experience of working as a busser or server is especially handy if you are moving to a new city. Since the basics of waiting tables are generally similar anywhere you go in the United States, it is very easy to transition to a new establishment. Following a move, many people will work in a bar or cafe while they figure out what they would like to do.

There are always openings

The service industry sees a steady turnover rate, so there are constantly openings in restaurants for all positions. Even if an establishment is fully staffed, they might hire additional people during the busy seasons. Even if the job that you want is not available, it can be easy to transition from a busser to a waiter, or from a waiter to a bartender.

It teaches humility

Until you have experienced it, it is hard to understand just how challenging it can be to work in a restaurant. Employees are on their feet for an entire shift, running between the kitchen, the bar, and the dining room. You have to learn patience when dealing with difficult customers, because you can't ignore them, even if they are being irrational.

In short, the service industry is perfect for a first-time job for all of the reasons discussed. If you are looking for work, stop by your local restaurants to find out who is hiring today.


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