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The Changing Career Landscape in the AI Economy

Sunny Shah -- Generative AI is an emerging field and is expected to bring about some major disruptions—as well as opportunities. Here are some of the jobs that could rise in the coming years.

There has been a huge spike in interest in Generative AI and AI-powered tools in recent times. The launch of OpenAI’s intelligent chatbot – ChatGPT – was a significant crossing of the Rubicon for not just professionals working in the tech space but for the world at large. In just a quarter of its launch, there was a spike of 2,633% interest in smart chatbots. Such high volumes have not been experienced by any other technology or tool in the past; it is truly historic.

According to an estimate by Salesforce, 57% of senior IT leaders have opined that Generative AI will be a game-changer. End-users are also showing an increasing inclination toward using Generative AI tools as they are highly intuitive and helpful. Generative AI tools are trained on human-generated content and can generate images and text based on prompts given to them. However, as often happens every time there is a new tool or platform in the market, there are some changes and disruptions expected. History bears testimony, such disruptions come with a considerable fear of job losses and drastic changes. Generative AI is no different.

A recent report by Goldman Sachs on the effects of artificial intelligence on economic growth says, “If Generative AI delivers on its promised capabilities, the labor market could face significant disruptions”. The report estimates that 300 million jobs could be impacted by Generative AI in the near future.

However, it is important to note that ‘impacted’ does not necessarily mean ‘terminated’. The same Goldman Sachs report adds, “Worker displacement from automation has historically been offset by the creation of new jobs. Additionally, the report also states that 63% of current jobs would be complemented by artificial intelligence, especially in fields like customer service.

So, just as has our experience with any emerging technology, Generative AI will also create new roles for individuals, there will also be new teams in organizations, and the need for a lot of upskilling and reskilling to keep up with the changing and evolving technologies. The new roles and new teams would likely be some that were never heard of before, so there will undoubtedly be a lot of new uncharted territory to venture into.

The World Economic Forum has predicted that emerging technologies will create 97 million jobs by 2025. Job roles that involve development tasks and tasks associated with the maintenance of artificial intelligence and automation will see widespread adoption across the globe. While Generative AI can carry out quite a lot of tasks that humans can, they would still require working alongside humans to deliver the desired outputs and be effective as well as efficient.

Some of the jobs that could rise in the coming years to leverage cutting-edge Generative AI technology would be:

Prompt Engineer

A prompt engineer is a person who designs and creates prompts for Large Language Models (LLMs). Prompt engineers need to have an in-depth knowledge of LLMs and how they work. They would work on composing effective string prompts that will help train AI models and deliver exactly what the enterprise or individuals, or teams are looking for. It is a very new field but holds a lot of promise as more and more enterprises try to leverage the benefits and power of Generative AI tools. Their demand would definitely go way beyond just the tech space. Any company in any industry that wants to effectively use Generative AI would need prompt engineers.

AI Auditor

The outputs received from AI tools must be accurate and unbiased. AI often has an inherent bias. This is where the role of an AI auditor becomes important. An AI Auditor ensures that these problems are removed before the output is used or applied. Governments and authorities are also slowly releasing new regulations that require mandatory bias audits of AI tools and verification of the factuality of the outputs given by AI tools.

AI Trainer

AI chatbots require special training to perform specific functions and tasks. This is not just a one-time task but a regular task to update the protocols and re-train the bots to keep up with new emerging scenarios & situations, etc. An AI Trainer’s role is to train and perfect the non-human AI to be & sound more human-like.

Ethics Expert

Ethics in AI is a rising field and is going to play a significant role in the world as it will be increasingly important to ensure that AI is being used safely and ethically. An AI Ethicist or an Ethics Expert, the title could be anything, but their role would be to ensure that the outputs of the AI chatbots are ethically used and the entire process stays ethical. It could involve keeping a check on blatant plagiarism, reducing bias, upholding fairness in the algorithm, and much more.

Machine Executives/Managers

Generative AI isn’t just for people, it is for machines too. It goes beyond natural language processing and getting the right outputs that humans can use. AI can be programmed to give instructions to machines too. This task would primarily fall on the shoulders of the machine executives and machine managers. Their role would involve overseeing AI-operated hardware & systems. The scope of the role could also expand to special heavy machinery as well as lighter machinery on an industrial scale. This would also be a highly sought-after role in the healthcare space too. PWC has estimated that the role of AI-assisted healthcare technicians would see an upsurge in the future.

If you look carefully, there is quite some overlap in these roles. Generative AI is an emerging field and is on the brink of bringing about some major disruptions. In a way, this is a Wild West time for emerging tech like Generative AI, and tools like ChatGPT and Google Bard are not even the tip of the iceberg of what amazing feats can be accomplished. The world is full of possibilities powered by Generative AI and we all can’t wait to see what new opportunities arise in this new world.


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