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Cancer Institute Urges Caution With Cell Phones 10/15/2008
Relationship Violence In And Before College 10/01/2008
Energy Drinks Associated With Risk-Taking Behaviors Among College Students 09/15/2008
Mosquitoes Are Out In Full Force This Summer 08/01/2008
Water Safety Tips From The University Of Phoenix 07/15/2008
Beyond Fashion: Why You Gotta Wear Shades 07/01/2008
Food Allergies On A Stick: The Risks Of Summer Eating 06/15/2008
What's 'Natural' When It Comes To Personal Care Products? 06/01/2008
What You Don't Know Could Hurt You 05/15/2008
Too Many Choices Result In Less Stamina, Decreased Productiveness 05/01/2008
Compassion Meditation Changes The Brain 04/15/2008
Sleep Deprivation Fosters Inactivity 04/01/2008
Are You Lactose Intolerant? 03/15/2008
Dry Eye Syndrome 03/01/2008
Science Strongly Reaffirms Oatmeal's Health Claims 02/15/2008

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