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Career Fairs

Interested in getting on our mailing list for Career Fair events?  Please call Erin Whitley at 423-439-4441 or send an email to


University Career Services manages several Internship Programs for academic departments at East Tennessee State University. The purpose of our internship program is to provide learning and training opportunities for students, outside the classroom and laboratory, as they work toward graduation and transition to the labor market. Internship experiences provide unique opportunities for partnerships between organizations and East Tennessee State University. Please contact our office to discuss how we may serve your internship needs.

Submitting Your Internship Request

All employers must provide the internship program with a job description that includes:

1. A brief description of the organization.

2. Decide the academic major(s) you need at your organization.

3. A paragraph or two detailing the basic duties, minimum qualifications, and preferred skills of the student.

4. The academic levels of students you seek (sophomores – graduate students).

5. The hourly wages you expect to pay (or range of pay) or if a volunteer.

6. Employers must declare from the following brackets the hours students will work, on average, per week, the full semester.

10 – 19 work hours = 1 academic credit hour

20 – 29 work hours = 2 academic credit hours

30 – 40 work hours = 3 academic credit hours

Internship Processing

Once the Internship staff receives your job description, the job description is sent to the dean or department head of the academic major you are requesting.

The dean or department head reviews the job description for academically related content and returns the job description to our staff for advertising and processing of student credentials.

The approved job description is advertised on our website under the specific major(s) requested; it is also announced in classes by designated faculty, and is posted on bulletin boards in academic departments.

Please contact:

Susan Creek (, Executive Aide - Internships

Phone: (423) 439-5388, Fax: (423) 439-6489

Go to the website.

About Our Services

Our online Employer Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You must register your organization with our office prior to accessing these services. Once your registration is reviewed, if it is approved you will receive an email which includes a link to activate your account.

If approved, depending on your access level, you will be able to use some or all of the services listed below:

  • Job Posting
    Post jobs targeted to East Tennessee State University students, alumni.
  • Résumé Search
    Search résumés of our students, alumni.
  • Portfolio Search
    Search career portfolios that have been prepared by our students, alumni.
  • On-Campus Interviewing
    In addition to posting on our Job Board, you may also post positions that involve on-campus interviews. An interview date will be scheduled after we review and approve your posting. You may then log in to check submissions, candidate status and schedules. On-campus interviews occur during specific times of the year. If you do not know our recruiting schedule, please contact us before posting your job.
  • Campus Services for Employers
  • Need assistance with your recruitment needs? We can help you:
    • Reserve a booth in the D.P. Culp Center for face-to-face contact with students
    • Reserve a professional office for conducting interviews with students
    • Reserve a table at an ETSU career fair, or make other specific requests for student contact. 
  • For additional information, please visit our website: or contact Cathy Metcalf at (423) 439-4493 or
  • Interested in setting up an internship?  Contact: Susan Creek, Internship Coordinator at (423) 439-5388 or Fax: (423) 439-6489
  • Internships for the College of Business and Technology - contact Melinda LaPrade at 423-439-5656.