Welcome to the  College Central Network ("CCN) Services at Anne Arundel Community College.

These services are free and available to students, alumni, community residents and employers.

Approved employers may post jobs/internships and connect with our students and alumni .Employers must be approved to access our online services.

Available services, help guides and announcements of interest can be accessed through the icons below. All on line services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


The staff at Employment Services and the Sarbanes Center make every effort to perform checks and due diligence on new employers, who register on our database.  However, we ask that you exercise care when using the internet for your job search.  Please check  the following when conducting your job search and BEFORE you respond to job postings:

  • The company’s website does not work nor has detailed information about the company. 
  • The email address for the recruiter is personal and does not correspond to the company’s email on record. For example, you may see xzz@gmail.com instead of name@arundelcollege.edu. 
  • The address for the job posting lists a home address,  does not correspond to the legal business address for the company and appears to be a home based business.
  • The job description is sparse; includes spelling and grammatical errors, and is not in keeping with the company’s services and mission. 
  • The recruiter is offering you a job without a face to face interview.
  • The recruiter asks for your personal information (bank account, social security number, credit card) OR asks you to send money or prepay for services and you will be reimbursed later.
  • The compensation seems far too generous.  For example, you are offered $2,400.00 per week to perform simple tasks.

Additional Resources:

Google: Conduct a google search using the name of the employer and then the recruiter’s name and the word “scam” and check results.

Better Business Bureau: Go to https://www.bbb.org   and check the company/recruiter’s name and you can also use the scam tracker available on the site.

Federal Trade Commission: Go to  https://www.ftc.gov/  for various consumer information including SCAM Alerts.

Glassdoor:  Go to www.glassdoor.com and conduct a company review. 

If you think you have engaged in any fraudulent activity with an employer or you need clarification:

  1. Cease any activity with the employer and immediately contact Employment Services at 410-777-2770 or via email at employmentservices@aacc.edu
  2. You can also reach the Sarbanes Center at 410-777-2053 or internships@aacc.edu