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Hello Scotties,

It has come to our attention that there was a fraudulent posting on our previous job board, Someone used a legitimate company name (McIntyre Lumber) to post a job that does not exist using a false name (Kristina McIntyre) as the contact for hiring. This person, however, does not work there and is operating a check cashing scam. We learned of this scam in mid-June, deleted the post and did not include this person on our new job board, HireAScottie. Please be aware and do not apply for anything with this individual. This person posted the same description on many college boards.

The Office of Internship and Career Development tries to identify job scams aimed at college students. However, due to the volume of job postings received, we are unable to fully research the legitimacy and validity of each organization or person that posts a job vacancy or to guarantee that all jobs are still available. It is the responsibility of students and alumni to research the integrity of the organizations to which they are applying. We advise you to use caution and common sense when applying for any position with an organization or private party.

Below are a list of common job scams adapted from the Experience, Inc. resource titled: Protect Your Students & Alumni from Scam Employers:

Common Job Scams — BEWARE!!

Phishing – Applicant is directed to a false web site asking for personal or sensitive information. Scam companies steal the identity information.

Check Cashing – Applicant is sent check, asked to cash it and wire funds to scam company. When the applicant’s bank discovers the check is fake, the amount is subtracted from applicant’s account.

Reshipping – Packages are shipped to the applicant’s residence with instructions to reship the packages to another address. Packages contain stolen property, which the police track back to the applicant’s address.

Envelope Stuffing – Applicant pays a fee and asked to post the same ad he/she applied for. Applicant is paid based on the number of responses to the ad.

Medical Billing – Applicant is asked for upfront investment. As it is very difficult to compete in the medical billing industry, the applicant generally can not make back his/her initial investment.

Work at Home List – Applicant is fooled into purchasing a worthless list of opportunities to make money from home.

Assembly or Craft Work – Applicant is asked to pay for equipment or materials to produce goods. Applicant’s work is then determined to be not “up to standard” and is not paid for goods produced.

Rebate Processing – Applicant pays upfront for training, certification or registration, and there are no rebates for the applicant to process.

Online Searches – Applicant is asked to pay a small fee to get started. Scam companies steal the credit or debit card information.

Core Essentials to Avoiding a Job Posting Scam

-Do not agree to have funds or paychecks directly deposited into any accounts by a new employer. (Arrangements for direct deposit or paycheck should be made during your first day or week of actual employment on site – not before.)

-Do not forward, transfer or send by courier (i.e. FedEx, UPS), or “wire” any money to any employer, for any employer, using your personal account(s). Do not transfer money and retain a portion for payment.

-Do not respond to suspicious and/or “too good to be true” unsolicited job emails.

-In general, applicants do not pay a fee to obtain a job (but there are some rare exceptions – so be careful, and consult with a professional at University Career Services first).

-Do not give out your personal financial information. A potential legitimate employer will NOT request your bank account, credit card, or Paypal account number. Only provide your banking information if you are hired by a legitimate company and you choose to have your paycheck direct deposited.

-Do not fax copies of your ID or Social Security number to someone you have never met. Credit checks and fake IDs can be obtained with this information. Only give these documents to your employer when you are physically at the place of employment.

-Check out the company’s domain address. Many use slightly misspelled ones to mimic those belonging to real companies.

If you have encountered a fraudulent posting on Myinterfase or on HireAScottie, please contact the Office of Internship and Career Development so we can research the group and remove the employer from the system. If you are ever concerned about the validity of a posting, please contact the Office of Internship and Career Development for assistance in researching the position.

Dawn Killenberg

Director of Internship and Career Development

Agnes Scott College

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