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Alumni Registration Details

  • Click on the Create Account button.
  • Create an Access ID and a Password that you will remember
  • Then Continue Registration

Registration Entry

  • Complete all requested information on the registration form. Employers will search this information to choose appropriate candidates, so be as thorough as possible. 
  • Be sure to select the degree and major that you pursued and/or are pursuing so that the Job Agent can notify you of jobs posted to your school that match your interests.

Job Search

  • From your homepage, select Search for Jobs/Opportunities Posted to My School, enter criteria specific to the type of job you are seeking, and then Begin Search.  You may also Search for Jobs in CCN’s Jobs Central, the national jobs database (though the Job Central currently mainly highlights jobs in the United States).

Note: When conducting a job search using CCN, be aware that by selecting several search criteria you are narrowing your search.  It is a good idea to conduct a focused search, but also try searching different criteria.

  • You personal Job Agent runs every day and opportunities that might match your qualifications are prominently displayed.
  • To monitor your job search, select View My Job Search History from your homepage.
  • Review the Career Advice Video Library to get additional job search tips and company info.

Resume Entry

  • Resume Upload is on your homepage, in the Manage My Resume section. 
  • Acceptable formats are listed.  If you do not upload a resume, employers will not be able to find you when they search for candidates and you may miss out on opportunities.
  • When a new resume is uploaded it takes the place of the current resume. Resumes that have not been updated in 18 months will be purged from the database.


  • Choose the Headlines categories that are of interest to you.

You can visit the Web site 24/7.  To login, after selecting the Alumni icon from the homepage, select the Sign In button on the next screen.  Enter your Access ID and Password.  It is imperative to keep your information updated.


Dear Alumni,

Kindly use the link below to inform us about any career assistance you may require. Once a request is made, a representative would revert to you immediately.

Go to the website.

This software is currently heavily skewed to the United States and therefore you will encounter challenges in inputting details such as location. We have posted some guidelines to help you better navigate around some of these challenges.

Kindly bear with us as we work with the programmers to rectify this. We are hoping to have it all sorted by April this year.

Registration challenges and temporary solutions:

1.Location/State – Select “outside US” when options are limited to US states.

2.Zip Code – Type “0000”

3.Veteran Status – Please ignore

4.School Email Notices – Please check this box as we will be sending out very important communication to all alumni via this platform.

5.CCN Email Notices – You can uncheck this if you do not want to be receiving bulk emails from CCN.

6.The Career Mentoring Network has not been rolled out yet. Information will be sent out when it is activated.

How to Access Internship and Job Postings - Go to "Search for opportunities posted to my school".

Ignore the following

"Search over 25,000 Internships"

"Search over 500,000 Jobs"

Currently, these are only available within the US. However changes will be made to include Job opportunities within Africa by April this year.

About Our Services

You must register with CCN to use our services. Once registered, you may:

  • Search for jobs posted exclusively to Ashesi University; search the Jobs Central® national job board and the Intern Central® national internship board.
  • Upload a résumé file to Resume Central® so you can apply directly to jobs and/or allow it to be searched by employers (if you so authorize). Your résumé will be reviewed by our office and must be approved before it can be sent to employers or submitted online to posted jobs.
  • Build an online portfolio in Career Portfolio Central® to support your résumé and demonstrate your best work to employers.
  • Review your job search history. Report offers/hires.
  • Receive emails about programs, services and job-related topics.
  • Gain access to announcements, upcoming events, career advice documents, career advice videos, podcasts, and career articles from over 125 authors.
  • Manage your on-campus interview schedules.
  • Search our Mentoring Network to find profiles of people who work in your fields of interest and contact them online.
  • You may also join our Mentoring Network without registering in Alumni Central. However, you must register in Alumni Central to take advantage of all online services. This includes the opportunity to search and network with other Mentors.
  • If you only wish to complete a Mentoring Profile, please go to our Mentoring Network page.
  • Whether just beginning college, approaching graduation or forging ahead in the working world, Ashesi Career Services Center strategically trains and prepares you to succeed and remain globally competitive. By taking you through various career developmental programmes, providing the right resources and connecting you to notable employers, you are adequately prepared for rewarding careers and are able to exhibit great workplace acumen combined with academic and technical competence.