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About Our Services

If approved, depending on your access level, you will be able to use some or all of the services listed below:

  • Job Posting
    Post jobs to all 5 Member schools in the Community College System of New Hampshire.


In order to post at the most appropriate colleges, you may need a guide that tells you about which colleges offer which majors. This electronic document is also available in PDF format for printing purposes.

To get the most updated list of academic programs,

Go to: http://www.ccsnh.edu/academics/academic-programs-glance

Academic catalogues are available at each college campus, so you can accurately look at the course descriptions for each academic program.

For employers who would like to learn more about our programs and the academic courses for each, please

Go to: http://www.ccsnh.edu/academics/college-catalogs

Individuals with skills in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) are in high demand. CCSNH colleges offer a wide selection of programs in STEM fields, leading to a certificate or associate degree. Graduates of these programs earn the credentials they need to transition into the workforce or continue their studies at a four-year college or university.

To learn more,

Go to: http://www.ccsnh.edu/academics/stem-studies-science-technology-engineering-math

Business & Industry Training: The Community Colleges partner with NH businesses to train today’s workforce.

Do you need industry-specific employee training on your schedule, at your location? New Hampshire’s Community Colleges can help. Our quality employee training programs can be custom-designed and delivered to your specifications. We use subject matter experts with industry experience, who know how to deliver the results you desire.

Go to: http://www.ccsnh.edu/workforce-training