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Thank you for your interest in employing Clarke University students and graduates. We are pleased to provide you with direct access to our free on-line job posting system,College Central Network.

Once registered, you can post your job and internship opportunities online, as well as search through student and alumni resumes to find potential employees 24 hours a day.

Contact Career Services with any questions at 563-588-6302 or email

Go to:

You are invited to register on College Career Network (CNN) via the university’s website and to use this portal if you are an employer with actual or anticipated bona fide position(s) and career-related paid or non-paid internships/and or volunteer opportunities. There is no fee associated with the registration of the company or posting of job/internship opportunities.

A bona fide full-time or part-time position is defined as a career opportunity that is salaried (not 100% commission) and does not require the candidate to pay a fee for training, purchase a membership and/or product(s), or any other job-related expenses.

Approved participating employers and employer representatives are expected to comply with Equal Employment Opportunity regulations and related legislation in their recruitment and hiring practices (job postings, on campus recruiting, campus visits and career event attendance). Consideration should be afforded to all candidates without regard to race, religion, color, sex, disabilities, sexual orientation, national origin or age. All employers are expected to be familiar with and to honor the NACE Principles for Professional Conduct for Career Services and Employment Professionals. For more information, please visit NACE at

Third parties (employment/staffing agencies and search firms) may participate in CCN (job postings) provided that they:

•Charge no fees to the candidate.

•If requested by Career Services, reveal the identity of the employer being represented and the nature of the relationship between the agency and the employer, and permit Career Services to verify this information by contacting the named client.

•If requested, provide a position description for valid openings. In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, release candidate information provided by the university exclusively and only to the identified employer, re-disclosure of candidate information is not permitted.

•Comply with all federal and state Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws (Title VI and IX, and ADA). Third party participation is limited to job postings only. Non-compliance with the above conditions may result in account termination.

Want to increase your brand on campus? Interested in giving back to the community by sharing your expertise?

Clarke Univestiy Career Services is in need of employer volunteers to assist with career development programs for students. We are seeking field experts to present workshops and activities designed to prepare our students for the world-of-work.

We also now host an "Employer of the Week" table in our high traffic dining hall area. If you are interested in reserving a spot this semester, please contact Becky Herrig at 563-588-6321 or

For more information contact us at

Please report all direct hires in your CCN Employer account. You will find the link Report Offers/Hires on the landing page when you log in, under Hiring Information. This is an essential step in our record keeping at Career Services, and your help is greatly appreciated.

If you have difficulty reporting a hire or have questions, please contact Kari Vize at 563-588-6311, or Becky Herrig at 563-588-6321.

CCN provides a unique means of reaching students and alumni who depend on the network for assistance in their search for employment. Once registered, you may use the following services:

• Job Posting

• Résumé Search

• On-Campus Recruiting (coming soon)

Registration takes just a few minutes; you can be collecting responses to your hiring needs almost immediately. Take the first step. Connect!

About Our Services

Our online Employer Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You must register your organization with our office prior to accessing these services. Once your registration is reviewed, if it is approved you will receive an email which includes a link to activate your account.

If approved, depending on your access level, you will be able to use some or all of the services listed below:

  • Job Posting
    Post jobs targeted to Clarke University students, alumni.
  • Résumé Search
    Search résumés of our students, alumni.
  • Portfolio Search
    Search career portfolios that have been prepared by our students, alumni.
  • On-Campus Interviewing
    In addition to posting on our Job Board, you may also post positions that involve on-campus interviews. An interview date will be scheduled after we review and approve your posting. You may then log in to check submissions, candidate status and schedules. On-campus interviews occur during specific times of the year. If you do not know our recruiting schedule, please contact us before posting your job.