Welcome to the career services platform for Clark State College, powered by College Central Network (CCN).

This free, Web-based tool is designed to help students and alumni, connect with employers looking to fill a wide range of employment opportunities.

Registered student and alumni users can search open full-time, part-time, co-op/internship, and work study positions. Students and Alumni can also upload a résumé, and create a shareable portfolio to showcase examples of their work for employers. Other resources include the CCN app, access to career advice podcasts and documents, notices about posted positions, upcoming events, and additional services.

Approved Employers may post announcements for open employent, co-op/intership and apprenticeships. With office approval, employers can search resumes and portfolios of qualified candidates. Employers can register for career fairs and on-campus interviewing. In addition, employers can review recruiting policies including those for third party agencies and report hires/offers made.  

Are you ready to find your next job? Or are you an employer looking for talented candidates to fill open positions? Select the appropriate icon below to get started. This is a 24/7 career services platform and it's free!