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What is College Central?

College Central® is your gateway to a career advancement network that provides leading-edge technology for connecting employers with qualified emerging talent, quickly and easily.

Who is it for?

College Central is free for any student enrolled at a U.S. college; alumnus/a of a U.S. college; community resident taking classes at a U.S. college; or student attending one of our partner high schools.

Why College Central?

College Central is committed to helping you reach your career goals. It's easy to use and mobile friendly. You can search, save, and instantly apply to opportunities that match your skills and interests.

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Job Agent Matching

The College Central Network Job Agent matches registered job seekers to thousands of new jobs daily! Upload your résumé, get notified of matching opportunities and apply to jobs anytime.

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Job Search On The Go

The best way to start your job search, explore job and internship postings, be matched with opportunities, and apply for jobs on your smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Career advice wherever you are.

College Central Podcasts

College Central podcasts provide clear, concise tips and advice for job search and career related issues. Listen to expert insight and instruction on résumés, interviews, internships, etiquette, and much more.

Newly posted local and national job opportunities.

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College Central is a leading source for employment, job search, and career information for students and alumni across the nation. Explore high quality, local and national job opportunities in a wide array of professions. Make your next career move the right one: sign up with College Central and launch your career today!

Getting started is easy!

Your Opportunities at their fingertips.

Hiring? How It Works...

Employers can post job opportunities FREE of charge on College Central Network® and reach skilled, registered job seekers who are enrolled at or have graduated from the Network's institutions.

Job postings are instantly integrated into each institution's exclusively powered career office management platform and are immediately available to job seekers.

Each job seeker receives a personalized daily Job Alert consisting of all jobs that match their individual career path.

Job seekers view and apply to opportunities using their mobile devices, laptops, or computers.

How It Works
Who Is Eligible?
  • Any employer can register for FREE.
  • Employers must meet the institution's policies - opens a dialog in order to be approved.
  • Approved employers are notified by email and can immediately begin to post unlimited jobs to the institution 24/7/365.
How do I post a job after My Registration is Approved?
  1. Once approved, an email will be sent with a link to Activate your account.
  2. Sign in using the "Sign In" button.
  3. Under the Job Board section, click Post, Edit, Repost or Expire Job Postings.
  4. Click the Post a New Job button.
  5. Complete the Job Posting Form (be sure to complete all required fields, select majors and job targets, and provide a complete job description).
  6. Click the Save Job Posting button.
    You will receive confirmation that your job posting has been saved. You will then be asked if you would like to post another job, return to the list of jobs that you posted, or return to your Account Page.
How do I edit my job posting?
  1. Click Post, Edit, Repost or Expire Job Postings in the Job Board section, then click the Edit icon for the posting you want.
  2. Review your posting and edit the appropriate items. Please note that any changes to the Address fields (Street Address, City, State, Zip Code, Country) will be unique to this job posting and will not be reflected on your employer registration form or any other job postings.
  3. Click the Save Job Posting button.
How do I delete my job posting?

You may not delete a job posting, but you may expire it by selecting the Expire icon, and confirming that action so it is no longer visible to job seekers.

Can I extend the deadline to fill a job or remove a posting once it has been filled?

To extend the deadline for a posting, click Post, Edit, Repost or Expire Job Postings in the Job Board section, and click the Edit button for the posting you want to extend. Change the expiration date. Then save your posting.

To remove a posting, click Post, Edit, Repost or Expire Job Postings in the Job Board section, and click the Expire icon for the posting you want removed. The Submission Deadline will be set to yesterday's date, which will remove the job posting from any job seeker searches.

Can I repost an expired job?

Expired jobs are listed below currently active jobs and appear in red. Each expired job has a Repost icon associated with it. Click the Repost icon for the job, make any necessary changes to the posting, and click the Save Job Posting button.

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