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Schedule an Appointment

Listed below are options for appointments with staff at the Career Pathways and elsewhere on campus. You may schedule an appointment online or contact our office to discuss other options.

One-on-one appointment where students talk to counselor, take interest inventory quiz, etc.

  • Career Choice

One-on-one appointment with counselor to review resume

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume Review

One-on-one appointment with counselor to prepare for interviews.

  • Interview Assistance
  • Mock Interview

The Ability Profiler is designed to help students understand how their aptitudes and abilities relate to the careers that match their interests. At least two appointments are needed to

1. Take the Quiz 

2. Discuss the Results

Both currently done virtually via Zoom.

  • Assessment
  • Career Choice


There are no currently active announcements.

About Our Services

  • If you are a community resident who would like to search for jobs, you must first register. Please indicate that you are a Community Resident on your registration form. Once registered, you may also receive emails about programs, services and job-related topics.
  • If you are an employer in the community who would like to recruit our students and/or alumni, please go to our Employer page.