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Dakota County Technical College (DCTC) has a vibrant campus near St. Paul, MN with domestic and international students that are active in Student Life activities including 6 intercollegiate varsity athletic teams. In 2015, the long-time TRiO Student Support Services (SSS) program was renewed to 2020 with funding. Major themes are Business/Mgmt, Design, Health, and unique Industry/Tech careers.

DCTC has over 50 academic degree programs including Civil Engineering, Architectural Technology, Nanoscience, 3 popular IT majors, Nursing, (C)MA, Dental, and Sports. Employers overwhelmingly report they would hire more DCTC students.

The Career Services area partners with faculty to offer students and alumni fairs/events and programming activities to connect employers with promising, well-qualified candidates. We also encourage employers to post internship opportunities. On-campus tabling may be available to insitutions offering transfer options, military representatives, and some employers, although it varies with high demand and campus events.

Faculty are often open to site visits at employer organizations. On occasion, they may invite employers in for classroom visits and/or resume reviews in specific academic programs.

Our Foundation and Admissions team invite participation in pipeline development through working together to enhance enrollment and retention through Open House events, scholarships, and other opportunities.

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General information to help determine whether interns must be paid the minimum wage and overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act for the services that they provide to “for-profit” private sector employers

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About Our Services

Our online Employer Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You must register your organization with our office prior to accessing these services. Once your registration is reviewed, if it is approved you will receive an email which includes a link to activate your account.

If approved, depending on your access level, you will be able to use some or all of the services listed below:

  • Job Posting
    Post jobs targeted to Dakota County Technical College students, alumni.
  • Résumé Search
    Search résumés of our students, alumni.
  • Portfolio Search
    Search career portfolios that have been prepared by our students, alumni.