Internship in Publishing

The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, a scholarly publisher in Lanham, MD, is looking for five candidates who are interested in exploring a career in publishing with its Lexington Books, University Press of America, and University Presses imprints. The responsibilities as an editorial intern will include a variety of tasks that will give you excellent exposure to the business of book publishing from stem to stern. The internship offers valuable hands-on experience working with editors and authors, as you participate in the various stages of a book’s life from inception to production. Your tasks will include:
• researching and learning how editors identify potential projects
• processing new proposals and learning to evaluate and comment on them,
• preparing and sending out contract packages,
• communicating with authors as needed,
• contacting scholars for book endorsements and peer review,
• drafting marketing copy.

The ideal candidate would have strong organizational skills, proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite, and verbal and written communication skills.
Candidates must be able to receive academic credit or fulfill a graduation requirement to be accepted in this internship.
This internship offers a flexible schedule, and will last between 12 and 16 weeks depending on candidate’s availability.

If you are interested in applying for this internship, please send a resume and cover letter to Erin E. Walpole via email or post using the below contact information:

Erin E. Walpole
Acquisitions Editor for History and Slavic Studies
Lexington Books
4501 Forbes Blvd., Suite 200
Lanham, MD 20706

The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group
Lanham, MD
E.O.E – D/M/V/F