Welcome to the CCN Services for Kaskaskia College

CCN SERVICES: The CCN services are available to students, alumni, community residents and employers free of charge. Click on the appropriate box below. All services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

STUDENTS: Are you looking for student employment?

Please register on the CCN program and look under "search my schools jobs" (on the home page) and check "student employment" at the bottom of that page and the student jobs will be listed.  Registering on the CCN program and building or uploading a resume (CCN has a tool to build a resume) is required for student employment.  At this time, it is required that students qualify for Federal Work Study to be eligible to be a student worker. If you are hired by a department please report to the Financial Aid and Career Services departments.  Please contact the Financial Aid at 618-545-3080 and the Career Services at 618-545-3174 if you have any questions.  

ALUMNI/COMMUNITY MEMBERS: Please register on the CCN program, upload your resume, build a portfolio and search for employment. 

EMPLOYERS: You may post jobs and search résumés with the permission from the Career Services Office.  Contact us for more information at 618-545-3174.