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The Wingman Program is back to help area newcomers navigate their new city. Newcomers are connected to a community champion with a robust network and knowledge of the area. Your wingman is a friend who can answer questions, make connections, and help you take flight in your new home.

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A great resource to assist you with job seeking skills!

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Rockwell Collins (now Collins Aerospace) and Transamerica Corp. were among four Iowa companies designated a" Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality" in the 2018 Corporate Equality Index (CEI) released yesterday by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation at

The HRC Foundation - the educational arm of the nation's largest LGBTQ civil rights organization - strengthened criteria for the 2018 index in the most rigorous scorecard to date. In all, 571 companies were designated a Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality based on detailed criteria in four categories: non-discrimination policies, employment benefits, supporting an inclusive culture and corporate social responsibility including public commitment to LGBTQ equality, and responsible citizenship.

Transamerica received a rating of 100 while the former Rockwell Collins received a rating of 85. Principal Financial Group and Wellmark, Inc., both of Des Moines, also received ratings of 100. The average score for companies and law firms based in Iowa was 96 percent.

"The top-scoring companies on this year's CEI are not only establishing policies that affirm and include employees here in the United States, they are applying these policies to their global operations and impacting millions of people beyond our shores," said HRC President Chad Griffin in a release. "Time and again, leading American businesses have shown that protecting their employees and customers from discrimination isn't just the right thing to do - it's also good for business."

Other key findings revealed in the 2019 CEI:

* The number of U.S. employees with a corporate nondiscrimination policy protecting them from sexual orientation or gender identity discrimination is 16.8 million.

* Gender identity is now part of nondiscrimination policies at 85 percent of Fortune 500 companies, up from just 3 percent in 2002.

* More than 500 major employers have adopted supportive inclusion guidelines for transgender workers who are transitioning.

* 136 Fortune 500 companies were given unofficial scores based on publicly available information.

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"While online job boards such as Indeed or LinkedIn have made the job search and application process much easier, there are still quite a few mistakes applicants make when applying for a job online." Read more at for all of the details.

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Since 1956, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) has been a leading resource for employment information. The NACE Salary Calculator Center is a salary survey data resource designed to save you time and money, and provide you with reliable and proven results- in minutes!

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For a list of Kirkwood Community College employment opportunities, apply at

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Please see link below to look at where you can obtain volunteer opportunities.

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LinkedIn is the top site for professional networking. It's a terrific site for job searching, as well. Are you using LinkedIn effectively? Here are the top 10 tips for using LinkedIn for job seekers.

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How much do you really want that new job? How will your desires and your actions combine to make that new job a reality? Click on the link below to find out!

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