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Good Afternoon,

FedEx is still hiring!!

As of right now Chicago, McCook, and Bedford Park locations are offering surge pay rates!

The McCook and Chicago locations are offering full time to anyone!

Please spread the word if anyone is interested.

To Apply Please Visit

Go to the website.


Guest Service Representatives - First & Second Shifts

• Competitive Salary

• Medical & Dental

• Bonus Incentives

• Weekly Pay



Apply Online at

OFCCP’s HBCU, HSI and TCU Tips and Opportunities for Success Event

U.S. Department Of Labor Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs sent this bulletin at 04/30/2021 01:26 PM EDT

HBCU, HSI, and TCUs and All- Minority Serving Institutions Tips and Opportunities for Success Event -

This is an Online Event!

Calling all Females and Veterans attending Minority Serving Institutions (Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI), or Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCU).

Do you need help finding and applying for Federal & Private Sector Jobs?

Join the U.S. Department of Labor-Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) Mid-Atlantic Region Event, where you will hear and receive some valuable tips, resources, and information on Federal and Private sector job opportunities.

This event is open to all females and veteran students, career counselors in all majors.

Hear about Federal Job Opportunities

Hear about Private Sector Job Opportunities

Learn How to Apply for Federal Employment and

Navigating Website

Tips on Federal Resume Writing

Date: May 13, 2021

Time: 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Register Now - Click on the Link Below to Register

Go to the website.

Watch out for scams! Use good practices! General Internet and Job Search Board Safety

Dear CCN Users:

The MVCC Job Resource Center office reviews every employer that is listed through our College Central Network (CCN) site ( to the best of its ability. Please note that we do not allow employers to have access to your information unless you allow them or are referred by the JRC (we would contact you prior to doing this). Colleges and universities are finding that fraudulent employers are attempting to post fake job opportunities to sites such as the College Central Network (CCN) site and similar job search sites.

While we try to protect our job seekers from job scams, we cannot guarantee that all positions listed on these sites are legitimate. It is the responsibility of CCN user to research the integrity of the organizations to which they are applying and use care when providing sensitive information. We advise you to use caution and common sense to protect yourself against these types of scams when applying for any position with an organization or off-campus employer.

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to stop into our office (S-202), call us at 708-974-5737, or e-mail


Red Flags to Look For

• The employer asks for bank account numbers, PayPal account, or any personal financial information. You should never give out personal financial information, social security numbers, date of birth or driver’s license numbers when applying for a job. Be cautious.

• The employer asks for payments by wire, courier/mail, bank transfer, check or PayPal. They want access to your bank account – do not do this.

• There is an initial investment of your money, or a request for access to your bank account, or you receive a check before providing services. The employer requests assistance in helping to get their new location “up and running” as part of your job duties. Do not do this.

• The job description is vague and does not detail any of the responsibilities or duties.

• There is a request for a photo of yourself.

• The employer’s e-mail address contains @live, @gmail, @yahoo, @hotmail domains instead of a business e-mail address, or does not match the company website address.

• The job description contains several spelling and grammar errors.

• The position pays a high salary for minimal low-skilled or vague job duties.

• The position sounds too good to be true, or you get the job without applying or without an interview.

• The position says it will allow you to work from home. (Some of these types of jobs are legitimate, but should still raise a red flag to do more research into the company before applying. The JRC does not permit “home-based” postings on CCN)

• The job description states that you will be able to (through their company) “run your own business,” “work at your leisure,” “manage your own employees,” or anything similar. Be cautious. The JRC requires that all employers posting through our office are *not* commission based. A wage or salary must be provided.

How to Verify a Posting or Employer

• Confirm that the posting includes an address, company name, actual contact, etc. If it does not, be cautious. Scammers may try to reduce their visibility to avoid being caught.

• Visit the website listed in the posting. Always check to see if all of the information matches what is listed in the posting, including location and contact information. Check to see if the person listed on the posting is listed on the website. Is there an index that tells you what the site is about? Is there other information included besides just information about the job?

• Google all of the information provided – their name, address, LinkedIn/social media accounts, e-mail address, and so on.

• Try to visit the website domain listed in the e-mail, as it should match their web address

• Visit the Better Business Bureau website (

What to Do if You are Scammed

• Stop any correspondence with the person and contact Job Resource Center immediately. You can contact us at 708-974-5737 or via email at

• If you have been a victim, file a police report by contacting the police (MVPD can be reached at 708-974-5555).

• You can file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center ( and with the Federal Trade Commission at or 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357)

For questions, please contact the Job Resource Center (S202) at 708-974-5737 or

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