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Job Description:provide sufficient detail in your job description, including number of hours a week, if your position is part-time, and the timeframe, if it's temporary.  Generally, the more a student knows about an opportunity, the likely it is they'll apply. 

Application Instructions: Make sure to specify how you want to receive application materials (e-mail, on-line system, call, etc.) in this section (very bottom of the form). Ditto about what documents you require (e.g. resume, cover letter, references, writing sample, etc.) in that same section.

Resume Submission Deadline: The default setting is 30 days. Since the majority of applicants will apply on or around the deadline, if you’d like to see applications sooner rather than later, consider setting the deadline for 15 days out, then re-post when that expires. 


There are no currently active announcements.

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