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FOLLOW THE RRCC!  Responsibility, References, Contract, Conduct:

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When you contact clients through the JobBank at Ringling College of Art and Design, you agree to begin a relationship that has responsibility. You not only become a representative of yourself as an Artist and Business Person; you are also a representative of the Ringling College Community. This agreement includes the following:

·  Responsibility  - If you make an appointment –KEEP IT! – Hopefully the employer will, too. If you cannot make the interview, CALL and cancel or reschedule. If you agree to do a job –DO IT!  Always report your acceptance of a job to the Center for Career Services to update the listing.

·  References – Be prepared! Bring your resume and a portfolio if it is an art related job. Have a list of references or show sample work of previous jobs. We do not guarantee the reliability or business practices of the JobBank listings. Feel free to ask the employer for references if you are entering into a contract (next point). *

·  Get a Contract – If you are doing freelance work, a contract protects both you and the employer. Unwritten expectations on either side can mean time wasted and money lost. Get it in writing and ask for a payment schedule. The Center is not responsible for contractual arrangements or any disputes between students or alumni and JobBank clients. Use time management skills and meet deadlines!

·  Conduct yourself in an ethical and professional manner. With each job comes more experience and networking opportunities for the next job and continued additions to your portfolio. Your conduct and level of responsibility reflects on the  students, graduates, and reputation of the college.

The JobBank is a great resource for you and your portfolio; its credibility depends on YOU!

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