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Welcome to our new online job posting and resume database system.

Once registered, you can search for jobs at any time from any computer.

Contact the Career Center if you have questions.

Please remember, San Diego Mesa College Career Center does not do job placement OR forward (refer) resumes to prospective employers through College Central Network or by direct email.

Telltale signs of a fraudulent phishing email may offer generic job opportunities not posted in the CCN system; they also promise lucrative income potential.

The email contains either no company information, has employer signatures with no company name or the company name and/or description includes spelling and grammatical errors.

Other Telltale Signs:

1. The Email Address is a free, Web-based email account (such as,,,,, etc.), rather than matching the corporate domain name (such as "" or "").

2. The Phone Number includes an international call prefix or dial out code (such as 00, 001, or +44(0)70), instead of an official company telephone number. If you are suspicious, call the number to verify it is legitimate!

3. No URL is provided for the Company Website.

4. Sometimes a URL is provided, but the website doesn't include navigation links to legitimate content describing the company's services, etc. Rather, it contains very limited information only about the job being posted. Fraudsters often create quick, basic web pages that appear legitimate at first glance, but contain little meaningful content.

5. It is prudent to check the street address to make sure it is for the business being represented. If only a P.O. box is listed, this may be a sign of a fraudulent job posting.

Search safely and do not reply to emails promising quick rich opportunities, especially if they say we received information from San Diego Mesa College Career Services. We did not send it.


San Diego Mesa College Career Center

Hello Mesa Community,

You may have found out that San Diego City, Mesa and Miramar College have launched the new student portal called: mySDCCD that included a district wide change to the format of your student ID number from 7-Digit CSID to a 10-Digit SID number.

Current Account Holders:

At this time, if you used a 7-Digit CSID in the past to register for an account, you will continue to have uninterrupted access to your established online job board account called Mesa Job Network powered by College Central Network. Please use the 7-Digit CSID to log-in to the online job board.

New Account Holders:

New students who decide to create an account on the online job board after June 13, 2019 will need to use their district assigned 10-Digit student ID number (SID) to create an account and for future log-ins to their online job board account.

If you have any other questions, please contact the Career Center with any questions at 619-388-2777 or send us an email at

Thank you,

Career Center

San Diego Mesa College

7250 Mesa College Drive, I4-306

San Diego, CA 92111

Phone 619-388-2777 Fax 619-388-5834

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